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10 Things You Should Do In Instagram Reels

Instagram has soon become the best place to host your business or get a promotion. If you wish to grow your traffic and sales simply use Instagram, especially reels. Since the launch of Instagram reels, there has been a crazy liking for the feature. Everyone just loves to watch Instagram reels. StoriesIG provides you the features through which you can easily download the reels for your device. If you wish to grow on Instagram, this blog details 10 tips and tricks on how to use Instagram reels to get growth on Instagram.

  1. Draft your reels in the correct stature:You cannot simply put up reels without putting thought into it and expect great results. In order to get great results you need to put in efforts of planning and providing your reels the correct stature. Whenever you draft a reel it could be about anything, a trend, something informative etc. start with an intro. Use the first 3-4 seconds of your video to provide a quick introduction and narrate what this video is about, so that whoever is interested can stick to the video without skipping it. Then narrate the whole thing in the next few seconds.
  2. Get more likes and views on your reels immediately:A quick hack to get more likes on your reels is, whenever you post a new reel. Move to the reel or post that you got maximum likes and comments on, now simply like comments and respond to each one of them. This sends a notification to all those people who have been interested in your content. When they open this notification they would instantly get notified of your reel and watch it. This is the best way to get your reels noticed.
  3. Add a CTA button:For business it is vital to have an ever growing audience and potential customers on Instagram. Hence to get your products and services noticed, add a call-to-action button on your reels. Whenever a customer lands on your and is interested in the product this CTA button helps them buy it and view more such products instantly improving your sales on reels.
  4. Use Instagram reels analytics:To improve engagement on reels you need to have a good strategy to market your reels. You can easily draft by analyzing results and traffic flow on your profile. But how do you do this? you need to simply open up your settings and tap on ‘Instagram insights’. Now click on the view most active times. Instagram displays an analytics record and is drafted over a period of time to tell the time your maximum audience is online. Now that you know when maximum people are online simply post your content at this time or a bit prior to this time.
  5. Declare give-away and contests: Another cool way to get more followers on Instagram is through give-away and contests. Declare an attractive hamper to those who participate on your profile. Simply ask them to follow you for taking part and then ask them your brand name in their posts and post something about, this increases your followers and even creates brand awareness.
  6. Make users play and reply to your reels: Draft a compelling that has people hooked to watch it right till the end. But one more thing that is important to improve your engagement and reach on Instagram is replay of your reels. To get more replays on your reels post a multiple step reel that requires viewers to replay it you can also put up something funny or informative that catches the user interest and compels them to replay it.
  7. Have a proper format for your reel:Reels are displayed vertically on your device screen. Hence whenever you draft a reel make sure it is in vertical alignment. Drafting a reel from a camera other than the Instagram reel camera requires you to pay heat to the dimensions of your video to avoid blurring and cropping hence make sure your reel follows a 9:16 ratio of screen.
  8. Avoid deleting reels:Reels usually take time to get likes and views. You will get likes on your reels even one month after it’s uploaded, depending when it reaches a certain user. Hence avoid deleting any reels unless it is vital. Let your reel stay on your profile for anyone who visits your profiles and finds content useful.Visit this site : thedolive

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  9. Use latest features and AR effects on your reels:People are hooked to trends and always search for new filters and AR effects to create viral trends. Use third-party applications to try new AR effects and create videos that go viral. This way you can easily make your video trend on reels. Also take part in the ongoing trend while adding in your own unique part.
  10. Use specific keywords and hashtags:Use specific keywords and hashtags on your reels to get more likes and views. Keywords and hash tags optimize your reels per Instagram search and help you reach out better. Adding in popular and high-search volume keywords is the key to making your content display on the ‘explore page’.
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