Everything you need to know about HIFU

High-intensity focused facial ultrasound treatment, or HIFU facial is an effective treatment for facial aging. Since it is a non-invasive treatment, many women prefer the same and acquire the perks of a facelift sans surgery.

The popularity of non-surgical treatments has been heaving for several years as the recovery period is short and the results have been effective. Also, dermatologists suggest HIFU treatment for patients who witness signs of aging. Get to know the procedure in detail and scrutinise the efficiency of treatments.

HIFU Facial

Ultrasound is utilised in HIFU facials, leading to skin heat generation. It deteriorates specific skin cells, nudging the body to fix them. When the skin cells are damaged, collagen production increases in the body to support cell regrowth. Skin will gradually regain its structure and elasticity.

There are several perks in HIFU, including skin tightening on the neck, diminishing jowl visibility, elevating eyelids or eyebrows, tightening chest skin and more. Moreover, there is a vast difference between the ultrasound used in medical imaging and HIFU facial, as strong energy waves attack certain skin regions. Experts try to treat tumours with longer sessions of HIFU treatment that last nearly three hours, and an MRI scanner is used in this procedure.

HIFU procedure – Overview

First, doctors will clean the targeted skin area using a gel, after which a device that exudes ultrasound waves is used for more than thirty minutes. Some individuals may encounter light discomfort during the treatment.

Patients who took up this treatment cited that they experienced pain after the procedure. Some physicians use local anaesthetics before the procedure and ensure that patients don’t experience any pain during the HIFU facial. Painkillers like Advil can effectively alleviate the pain post the HIFU facial.

There is no need to prepare for HIFU facials, but other cosmetic treatments require the patients to prepare beforehand. Moreover, eliminating recovery time is one great benefit that lures patients to try the HIFU procedure anxnr.

Does it work?

Several studies and research conducted on the HIFU procedure elucidated the effectiveness of the treatment. A survey of ultrasound utilised for several cosmetic procedures, including cellulite reduction, and body and skin tightening, helped the researchers to identify the safety and effectiveness of HIFU. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery emphasises ultrasound efficiency in skin tightening within two months.

Perks of HIFU treatment

HIFU anti-aging treatment has several perks, including increasing Collagen production in the skin. The skin will look less bulky after an effective HIFU facial, and also, you will notice lesser fine lines or wrinkles. Even skin rejuvenation is possible with this treatment, and you can regain the skin’s glow with dullness and dryness reduction.

  • Effective results

Many cosmetic procedures (including surgery) may take several months to see their results, and HIFU facial enhances the skin within a couple of months.

  • Safety

As HIFU is a non-invasive procedure, there is no need for incisions and sutures. Also, the risks and side effects associated with the facial. Several risks, such as anaesthesia, hair loss, infection, and more, are linked to invasive treatments.

  • Affordable and swift recovery

Compared to surgical facelifts, the HIFU procedure is inexpensive; you need a few days for complete recovery.

Wrapping up

Individuals need to find a reliable clinic where skin treatment is effective and cost-effective. Research thoroughly to select a reputed skincare clinic to progress with the procedure.

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