How To Make a Wallpaper App

Are you thinking of a way to earn easy money with just a one-time effort? Making a Wallpaper App would be a fantastic choice.


According to an estimated count, the mobile app market had generated $581.9 billion in revenue during 2020. Isn’t it surprising revenue? Think about the revenue that a single mobile app owner would have generated.

Shocking, right?

But what would it be like if you took your share of this revenue by making a wallpaper app using

So let us collect some information about what you should know before and about making a wallpaper app.

How and Why To Maintain A Wallpaper App?

Making a wallpaper app and leaving it forever on its own is no good idea. You need to have a continuous check and balance of your wallpaper, whether it is working fine or not, because with time, glitches start to appear in the applications. 

The best way to do it includes focusing on your customer reviews because they are the ones who are using your application and know a lot about it even more than you do. The reason is that you own that app; therefore, you will not look at that with such a keen eye. 

Bringing frequent updates and adding new features is as important as changing your room’s curtain because no matter how good they are, you somehow get bored of them. Just like that, your audience never wants to repeat the same wallpapers for months; instead, they would like to have a new wallpaper every week, and some will even desire a new one every day. 

Many wallpaper apps that appear in the market get no hype, and their value goes down in a few months. Many people think that putting in your effort once is enough. There is no doubt that helps you with easy wallpaper app making, but the rest of the job lies on your shoulders.

Why choose App Master?

Once you decide on the essential things about your wallpaper app, you can make an account on to have a free first opportunity to design your application with advanced features and creativity. In another case, you will have to hire a professional who will charge hundreds of dollars, and even in that case, there are chances that you do not get what you dreamed of. So it would be better to choose App Master for making your wallpaper app.

On top of it?

You can add many unique features in your wallpaper app that make your application unique over others found in the market. Adding a feature of custom wallpaper making will attract users to your wallpaper app because everyone dreams of having a particular sort of wallpaper. Many wallpapers available online are not enough to fulfill such desires of the users, so in that case, your application will stand out in the crowd just because of AppMaster.

Steps To Create Your Wallpaper App

Till now, you know you have learned every critical thing from this article that you should have known before creating a wallpaper app. You even know that App Master would be the best choice for you to create a wallpaper app. There is one thing you need to know: the steps to create your unique wallpaper app. So let’s know some of the basic steps.

  1. Choose a baseline for your application that you will be using to design your app, like whether you want to display the wallpapers randomly or create some categories.
  2. It would be better to make categories as it will be more helpful for your users. 
  3. Add the wallpapers that you will either sell or give freely to your users. 
  4. If you want to sell your wallpapers, add payment methods to help your users choose a method to pay for a wallpaper.
  5. Introduce some unique features to let your audience choose your wallpaper app, leaving others behind.
  6. Finalize the design and check if anything is missing.

Concluding Thoughts

Wallpaper apps are one of the most popular applications used by people worldwide. Of course, their creators get dollars with each download. So why wait when you can make a Creative Wallpaper App using App Master.

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