Should I Switch to Vaping?

The short answer to this is yes, if you are a nicotine user who hasn’t switched to vapes, you absolutely should. If you are already experienced with vaping, then keep reading, because what I’m about to talk about will also have some useful information for you towards the bottom. You want to save money and get more variety, have a guarantee of your favorite product always being available at a reasonable rate? I thought so, stick around.

So, you know smoking is bad for you. You don’t need me to preach about how inhaling smoke means you are inhaling ash, tar, methane and all kinds of nasty chemicals they add to cigarette tobacco. I don’t need to tell you the impact it has on those around you with secondhand smoke and of course the smell that clings your body from using cigarettes.

What if there was a way to get the same basic experience, while enjoying a wider variety of flavors, and none of these drawbacks? That is what alt vape and the super vape store are all about. Let me take a minute to explain what vape juice really is, and what a vaping device actually does.

Vape juice by itself is really just a solution of an alternatively-derived nicotine, a glycerin base, and whatever is used to create a given flavor. It’s a pretty simple solution, no hidden, complex and carcinogenic chemicals. You know what you’re getting, and all you are getting is safe satisfaction.

The way it works is that a heating coil evaporates the solution, and you inhale the vapor it produces. It is a moister, softer experience than the harshness of hot cigarette smoke, and also a much more leisurely smoke as well. It only produces the substance when you pull on it, so you needn’t worry about hurrying up and smoking your cigarette before it burns itself out.

Once exhaled, it dissipates almost instantly, producing no secondhand exposure. In the unlikely event that anyone were exposed to it before it dissipated, the worse it could do is garner a sneeze, the same kind of sneeze produced by potpourri or any other scented, otherwise-harmless atmospheric agent. This would have to be a deliberate act on both parties parts to even occur.

As a smoker, you may find the transition a little strange at first, because the gentler, more moist vape is very different from the harsh smoke of a cigarette, and it may confuse your lungs for a second. Don’t let that first hit, which will make you cough, deter you. A couple more pools, and you will already love it more than the best cigarette you have ever smoked.

Now, if you want to save money, once you have found product you really like just go to a nearby super vape store like Shosha and pick your favorite vapes to buy. In fact, many vape distributors out there have an online portal, and through these online sales, they can offer far more competitive prices and far greater deals, the lack of storefront overhead giving them an edge.

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