10 Best Careers In Agriculture

Consider A Career Change In The Agriculture Business

If you get a degree in Agriculture, there are several really cool careers paths that are not only fun but also pay you a lot of money. Every year thousands of agriculture jobs go unfilled. Nowadays, the industry is doing its best to recruit candidates with scholarships, bonuses, and big money after you graduate. So if you never considered a career in the beef industry jobs, this might be a good time for a career change. Some of the best careers:

  • #10 – Zoologist. This job has an average starting salary of $63,270. It involves studying wildlife and marine life in its natural habitat. If you love wildlife and don’t mind getting close to animals, a career in zoology may be a good fit for you.
  • #9 – Purchasing agents make about $64,380 on average. This is a job where you can really put your people skills to work. You generally buy items in the agricultural field. You may also keep up with the latest trends and study financial reports.
  • #8 – Food scientist. The average starting salary is about $68,970. A food scientist keeps track of what goes into the food. They make sure everything is safe for consumption.
  • #7 – Farm manager – While the pay is great at $71,160, the work can be hard. You could be working out in the field one day than creating financial reports the next. A farm manager has a wide range of duties that require both hands-on and hands-off work.
  • #6 – Agricultural engineer – Agricultural engineers clear just over $80K per year. With this job, you will spend most of your time designing and testing machinery.
  • #5 – Wastwater engineer – The salary averages $87,060. With this job, you will be responsible for designing unique little gadgets that keep our water safe like pipelines, sewer treatments, and sewers. The engineers also use their skills to process water as safely as possible.
  • #4 – Environmental engineer – With a salary of $86,660, the environmental engineer works to correct problems that directly affect crops like erosion, drought, and pollution.
  • #3 – Water resource specialist – The starting average pay is $129,100. These specialists find new areas to access water. Whether it’s from wells, lakes, or streams, they investigate and monitor these bodies of water for safety.
  • #2 – Natural sciences manager – With a $129,100 salary, this job now puts you into a supervisory role. You will have many scientists under your charge in project development. At this point, most of what you do is administrative.
  • #1 – Clinical research coordinator – This job pays $129,100 and is on par with the previous 2 jobs. You will be in charge of planning, development, research, and other day-to-day operations.

So the agriculture industry is viable and lucrative. There are also many opportunities for rapid career advancement. So, if you’re looking for something different with a lot of benefits, agriculture may be the career for you.

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