10 Expert Cleaning Hacks Perfect for All Seasons

Who says deep cleaning is only good for spring? Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to spring as dust and dirt never rest from bringing grime into your home! Cleaning is an essential part of home upkeep, and our tips and tricks will get your home spotless without the hassle.

Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning during the heat of the summer months or the ice-cold winters, here are 10 hacks that would make deep cleaning easier and convenient for any homeowner!

1. Professional Cleaning Services

This might go without saying, but professional cleaning services are the way to go for a completely hassle-free and thorough cleaning! Professional cleaners can get the grime and muck out of your home, so you can enjoy a spotless house without the hassle. Cleaning services are available all year-round, so your house will stay clean 365 days a year!

2. Dry Clean your Bare Mattresses

Dry cleaning is perfect for those cold and wet seasons when washing your fabrics just isn’t a practical option. Thankfully, there’s a DIY way to dry cleaning – all you’ll need is some baking soda and essential oils! Mix a few drops of oil into baking soda, sprinkle over your mattresses, and let sit for an hour before vacuuming up for a pleasant-smelling, clean bed!

3. Descale your Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Every thought about the coffee left inside your coffee maker? Or how about the mineral deposits and mold left behind by hard water? Vinegar will clean that up in a jiffy! Fill your water reservoir with vinegar and a few teaspoons of baking soda, and let your coffee maker clean itself while you tackle other cleaning tasks around the house.

4. Clean your Blinds with a Sock

Got a loose sock that lost its pair? A sock makes the perfect tool to remove the dust from those venetian blinds! Simply dampen the sock with some water or cleaning solution of your choice, and use the sock like a mitt to wipe off all the dirt from those blinds. This way is so much quicker and cleaner than the usual feather duster!

5. Use a Spray Solution

Lugging a bucket around the house as you do your cleaning tasks can be back-breaking. A spray bottle is much more convenient and hassle-free, and you won’t break your back carrying it around! Add water or cleaning solution to your spray bottle, and spritz away at those grime-filled areas. Use the spray bottle to keep your mop moist as you clean the floors too!

6. Remove Sink Smells with a DIY Deodorizer

If you haven’t cleaned your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor sink in a while, then you may notice a smell oozing out from the drain. Don’t fret – there’s an easy and hands-free solution to clean out those smells: baking soda and vinegar! Add both into your smelly sink, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing the drain with hot water fresh from the boil. Voila, no more smells!

7. Rice Cleans Narrow Bottles

Those decorative bottles and vases may look pretty, but they’re hard to clean, especially after using them to hold flowers during spring. Rice and salt both make great scrubbers that can get that squeaky clean feel back into your vases. Use rice or salt with a little soapy water to swirl around your narrow bottles, cleaning out that grime as you go!

8. Prioritize your Tasks

One of the top cleaning hacks isn’t much of a hack at all. By scheduling your cleaning tasks by priority, you get more done in less time. Start with all the cleaning tasks that you need to let sit or soak, then move onto other tasks as you let cleaning solutions lift away dirt and odours. You get to manage your time, and your cleaning won’t feel like a chore!

9. Easy Microwave Cleaning Hack

You may have been using that microwave year-round without cleaning it. Whether you’ve got those Thanksgiving leftovers splattered around, or spaghetti sauce crusted on the glass plate, you can easily remove these using a little lemon. Microwave the lemon in water until hot, leave it in for 10 minutes, then easily wipe away any food stains from your microwave with little effort!

10. Remove Stains like Magic

A Magic Eraser melamine or bleach sponge is just as advertised – magic! Grab a couple of sponges for your kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else you need to remove stains. The sponges can help you easily remove dirt and grime from surfaces, as well as deeply-stained areas in your home.

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