4 Comprehensive Guidelines To Buy Air Jordans In New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the nations in the world that loves sports, especially the physical and contact types of athletic competitions. While rugby is considered the country’s national sport, basketball is also popular in this part of the world. It is one of the biggest pastimes among the young Kiwis, so basketball apparels like shoes and jerseys are always in demand. Buying shoes like Jordan in NZ is typical for the basketball fans in the country.

But due to the wide range of selection among all Air Jordans available in New Zealand, buying a pair to add to your sneaker collection can be challenging. So if you want to pick the best team of sneakers in the country, you need to keep all these tips in mind.

Tip #1: Set Your Budget

Air Jordan sneakers in New Zealand cost as low as NZ$145.95. But if you aim to get your hands on rare pairs, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars. Some people can shell out as high as NZ$25,000 to include an original Air Jordan 1 with the autograph of Michael Jordan himself in their sneakers collection.

But if you have millions of dollars to spare, you can bid for an original unworn autographed Air Jordan 1 pair in the legendary Chicago colourway. The five-time NBA MVP signed the one-of-a-kind pair during his rookie year in professional basketball. The coveted pair posted on eBay was one of the 15 to 20 pairs of deadstock ever made. This item is worth US$1 million (NZ$1,471,905) upon listing.

Tip #2: Choose Your Colourway

There is a wide range of colourway options for Jordan in NZ pairs. You only need to look for one that matches your style and preferences. But to help simplify your choices, you can pick among the OG colourway and the New colourway.

Air Jordans under the OG colourway uses the original colours of the sneakers during its initial release. Aside from Air Jordan 1’s black/red colour scheme, other popular OG colourways include while/black-red, black/royal blue, white/natural grey, white/metallic dark red, and neutral grey/metallic silver.

Tip #3: Choose Your Style 

Air Jordans come in three basic styles – high top, mid, and low cut. You can buy your preferred sneakers based on the design that matches your fashion sense or your desired function.

Those who plan to buy Air Jordans to play basketball in New Zealand can get the high top designs. It provides better ankle support to help you avoid sprains and other injuries. Mid cuts are perfect if you wear them with shorts or pants. Meanwhile, you can invest in low cut Air Jordans if you plan to use them for more laid-back activities like leisure hiking.

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Bonus tip: Buy From Reputable Stores 

There are numerous sneaker shops in New Zealand nowadays. But not all of them sells authentic Air Jordans. So if you want to avoid counterfeit products, you must only do your transactions with valid retail stores and online sellers.

You can determine if the shop or website is authentic to provide clear and detailed pictures of their products. It is also best to look for reviews from previous clients to check if the site offers genuine services. Most importantly, the shop must have fair return and exchange policies to guarantee that its products are authentic.

Buying Air Jordans in New Zealand can be less overwhelming if you know what you need to look for. However, it is also best to get your pair from legit sources to ensure that you will get your money’s worth.

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