5 Cold Calling Tips For Realtors 2021

Realtors are always scouting for their next prospect because they cannot afford to focus on only one client at a time; the industry is too competitive, too cutthroat. There is always a new property and a potential new client in real estate, which is why many agents and brokerage houses have turned to cold calling software real estate. However, using software is not enough to build a successful brand or business, which is where the following five tips come in handy.

1. Gauging Interest

To be successful, a real estate agent or broker must build interest in their brand. However, the only way to create interest is to gauge it. You need to contact people to discover where their focus lies.  If your market is people looking for rentals in Perth, make sure you’re calling the right people. What will make them want to buy a piece of property? Unfortunately, there is no better way to gauge interest than by cold calling. To cold call effectively, you need to learn how to build a cold calling list, which is not as tricky as it sounds. There are simple research methods or localized services that can help you locate the best prospects.

2. Creating a Plan

You cannot and should not go into cold calling without a plan. While you might not know the client or what they want, you do know what you can offer. Don’t make a phone call without a script. Your script should include introductions, and it should highlight your business. It is also a good idea to have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

3. Dialing Smarter, Not Harder

One of the most daunting tasks involved in cold calling is dialing random numbers without knowing who will pick up or when. A predictive dialer software can help with that particular problem. The software only connects you to customers ready to answer the phone, meaning less wasted time and fewer sore fingers.

4. Mastering the Pitch

Do not waste your prospect’s time; that is likely the best piece of advice for any high-volume caller. You need to develop a 20-second sales pitch, highlighting your business, skills, and why the client needs your help. You want to avoid small talk or filler conversation. However, it would be best to remember that the call is not about you; it is about the client, their needs, and how you can help.

5. Expecting “No”

Cold calling can quickly become demoralizing to new high-volume callers because of the word “no.” Not many people like receiving calls from unsolicited salespeople, so the conversations tend to be quick and often negative. A way to avoid getting down on yourself is to expect to hear “no.” You need to alter your perspective and allow “yes” to surprise you.

Cold calling is a necessary part of real estate, and all realtors need to get used to hearing the word “no.” However, using the tips addressed above, you can improve the chances of getting a “yes” response, especially if you use a cold calling software or service.

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