6 Types Of Fashion Degrees Available In Universities

Fashion is an industry in itself, so if you’re looking for a graduate degree, it is essential first to decide in which area your interest lies. Fashion is a creative field, and your interest can be in designing, styling, photography, or journalism.

fashion degree is industry-focused, and universities will start moulding you for your career in fashion. The universities will help you build your own unique identity and voice. However, the course will include a variety of technical and creative skills that will help you become a professional in the field.

What Are the Different Types of Fashion Degrees?

There are various fashion degrees, and every degree has its benefits depending on the market demand. So, before setting out to start a degree, use this article to reflect upon which type will suit you best.

Fashion Textile Degree

The fashion textile degree revolves around developing fabrics through print, embroidery, embellishments, and knit either through traditional methods or digital.

The course will teach you a lot about colours, fabrics, and silhouettes. You’ll engage in prototype testing and textile sampling in 2D and 3D. You’ll explore areas such as trend forecasting, illustration, pattern cutting, and garment construction.

Fashion Communication and Promotion Degrees

The course is pretty interesting but is named differently at different universities. Following are the variances:

  • Fashion Promotion
  • Fashion Communication
  • Fashion Communication and Promotion
  • Fashion Communications and Styling
  • Fashion Public Relations and Communication
  • Fashion Promotion and Imaging

There are minor differences among all of these courses. Still, the course entails learning technical skills in visual communication techniques such as film, digital media, music, styling, social media, website, and application design.

These skills are applicable in different streams such as advertising, fashion, branding, marketing, media, events, public relations, retail environment, trend forecasting, and beyond.

Fashion Styling

Fashion styling is a fashion degree stream where you’ll learn styling covers for magazines, catwalk shows, advertising, e-commerce, and digital media. There is a lot to experience in fashion imaging and how you can use the body to convey meaning, makeup, hair, prop sourcing, and media production.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is an excellent choice for all photography enthusiasts with an inclination towards fashion. The course revolves around fashion photography, cinematography for fashion-based videos and films. You get to learn about images in haute couture, street style in fashion magazines, look-books, and more importantly, how it is done.

It is a great course to learn how to conduct photoshoots at locations and studios.

Fashion Journalism

Fashion journalism is journalism in the fashion industry. You will learn the fundamentals of journalism in the print, broadcast, and social media platforms. Subjects such as research, writing styles, media ethics and law, fashion vocabulary, styling, photography, catwalk reporting, fashion theory, and beyond will be taught.

Fashion Marketing

The course teaches you about the fashion industry and how marketing around it works. From learning about marketing in the digital platforms to building a brand narrative and communicating about it, you’ll discover it all.

As discussed above, the field of fashion is populated with many options you can choose from. This article discussed some of the popular ones for a degree in fashion.

Once you make your mind to carve a path in fashion, it is up to you to decide the area you are inclined towards. One can know everything that is very important for our daily life

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