7 Best Neural Networks for Any Purpose

Since technologies are rapid;y developing, it seems you don’t even need to go out to get everything you need. Instead of cinemas, there is Netflix, instead of real football matches, there is a sportsbook with bonuses, and instead of Costco, there’s Amazon. And the world is going online even more with these 7 neural networks. 


This online platform offers logo ideas. Enter the name of the company, its specialization, choose your favorite colors, and the neural network will give you several options. You can buy and use the ones you like.


German Artificial Intelligence expert Marek Gibney launched Gnod, a recommendation system that uses artificial intelligence technology to suggest interesting leisure activities for the evening. So far, Gnod is knowledgeable in four areas: art, music, movies, and literature. 

To make recommendations more accurate, the system needs data about you, so you will be asked about your favorite music bands, writers, artists, and movies. In areas where the algorithm already understands users’ tastes, you can see a whole map of recommendations for your search query. So you can find out whose works are worth reading for fans of J.K. Rowling, and what to watch on your vacation instead of “Home Alone.”

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture has two interesting options with recommendations. The Art Palette project lets you find art from different countries and eras by palette. You can use from one to five colors to search: try to pick them yourself or take the suggested palettes. You can also search by photo. Artificial Intelligence will analyze which colors are in the picture you uploaded and select artworks with a similar palette.

In Art Selfie, you can take a selfie to see what famous character you look like.

Imaginary Soundscape

The Japanese studio Qosmo developed Imaginary Soundscape neural network, which picks up the soundtrack for photos and pictures that can be downloaded. For a picture of a baby in a crib, the neural network selects the sound of a baby crying, the sound of a passing train for a picture of a subway station, and the sound of waves for a picture of a beach.


Service for the delivery of men’s clothing, which will find a suitable set for you with the help of artificial intelligence, – but the final decision will be made by a team of staff stylists. If some of these clothes don’t suit you, you can send them to the store and get your money back.


AutoDraw Turns random sketches into digestible images. This platform works on the same principle as handwriting recognition.


This platform helps designers match colors. Choose 50 shades you like and the neural network will find the most suitable combinations. In Khroma you can save a collection with your favorite combinations – if the AI capabilities aren’t enough for you.

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