Thinking of picking up a new hobby? Waterskiing may just be the one for you. Here are some awesome tips that will have you skiing like a pro in no time.

Get the appropriate equipment and apparel

Safety first! Check out Waterskiers Connection. The website has a great catalogue of approved waterskiing gear, customized for beginners and of course other levels.

Practice the right posture

I call this the ‘King Kong posture’. Before hitting the water with your skis, stand up straight on dry land, and push out your chest, bringing your shoulder blades into closer contact causing your back to form an arch (now you understand the King Kong analogy). This is the best and safest posture to assume while waterskiing so it’s pretty critical to learn it.

Time to bring in the ski handles

Now to practice the middle position, secure your ski handles onto a stationary object such as a door handle. Assume the ‘King Kong’ posture and move your hips towards the door handle, while maintaining the right posture, keeping your feet on the ground. Also, keep your hands steady on the handle at a level close to your hip. The whole point is to make sure you can maintain this position.

Practice the Glide

You need to learn how to position your legs. Bend your knees slightly, such that your knees are slightly in front of your ankles.

Perfect the three-point position

Now, this is the first position you take when you get into the water. Squat slowly, while maintaining the handle in the position in front of your knees. Make sure to have your feet as wide apart as your hips. It is very important to keep your arms relaxed during this manoeuver.

Adjust the rope to be short

At the beginner level, it is recommended to use a shorter rope then with time, you can use a longer rope. Shorter ropes offer more control and allow you to stand up easier. Plus, they offer closer proximity to the boat crew which means you can hear the instructions better!

Take advantage of the barefoot boom

Don’t be intimidated. A barefoot boom is just a metal pole projecting from the side of the boat. Use this pole to perfect the basic positions and manoeuvers. You can then progress to using a rope that is secured to the pole, then you can move on to using a rope behind the boat which will be a breeze for you after this smooth landing.

Let’s hit the water!

Now we put all that we’ve learnt to practice. While holding on to the boom, assume the three-point position and slowly sit on the ski with your knees together. Now move on to the standing position while in the three-point position. Practice changing positions from sitting to standing and vice versa.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to relax and have fun!

With practice, you can even try your luck at the tournaments. You never know, you might be the next Jacinta Carroll.

Author’s Bio: Matt McGrath is an avid traveller and a prominent writer in the blogging community. He has been to more than 50 countries. While he loves discovering new cultures and adventures, he is also passionate about sharing practical tips with his followers. If you love to travel and adventure, we recommend that you read and follow all his articles! More about him on his website –

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