A Brief Guide to Online Slot Machine Classification

The classification for this type of newest slots will be somewhat different from the regular ones. The reason: in the digital world, all slots are “multipliers”. That is, they all have different possible bet levels, and the prizes, with few exceptions, scale with the bet. Therefore, we hope that this classification of types of online joker123 download will help you. 

Types of online slots by bet level

Haven’t we said that all online slots are “multipliers”? Well yes. But it is that within the multipliers there are many different levels. At joker123, this is the first thing we recommend to always check: what bet levels the slot they want to play has. 

In some, you can place bets that start at 1 coin per spin, with 5 or 10 coins per spin. The maximum bet per spin, on these, does not usually go up to 10 coins, 100 coins, or even 250 coins in some cases. After all, these slots are meant for players with low budgets.

In other slot machines, the minimum buy-in bet is already higher, for example, 10 coins per spin, and the maximum bets can go up to 100 coins 250 coins, or even 500 coins per spin. These are clearly aimed at high-rollers with a lot of budgets to risk. But, of course, also with potential rewards that are worth the risk!

There are other slots that offer a very wide range of bets, from very small bets to very large ones, and that are designed for all players. Choose well depending on what your budget is! 

Types of online slots by theme

The most visible differentiator between the different types of online slots is the graphics and the theme of the slot. There are literally hundreds of different themes for online slots and video slots.

Fantasy: elves, fairies, and magic.

History: Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, China, Middle Ages… Only the ancient aliens are missing! Horror. Wild animals, or domestic and farm animals. Cats!

Movie franchises such as Terminator, Jurassic Park, or Jumanji, or series such as Game of Thrones. These require a license from the owner of the intellectual property. A thousand more points would be needed to detail all the thematic categories. 

Types of online slots by reels and paylines

Online slots offer almost endless possibilities in this regard: There are many video slots that are still 3-rail 

The most common, however, and the ones that offer the most versatility, are the  5 rails. You can also find them with 4 rails,  6 rails, or more…  These rails are usually 3 rows, although they can sometimes be  4,  5, or even more rows high. 

There are some types of online slots that maintain  1 pay line on their 3 reels, but you will usually find  3, 5, 10, 20, 25, or even more paylines. There are quite a few slots that have 50, 100 or even thousands of lines!

Types of online slots by volatility

It is a very important factor that you should know before betting your first coin. Low volatility slots offer prizes more often but in lower amounts. In high volatility slots, prizes are rare and few, but when they do drop, they leave higher and more consistent prizes. Medium volatility slots are a midpoint between the previous two, and are perhaps the most widespread, thanks to their balance

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