A Guide To Building Your Basic Jewelry Wardrobe

Having the right set of jewelry in your wardrobe can make your outfit feel worth a million bucks. Therefore, it is important to have all basics covered while building perfect jewelry couture. However, when purchasing you also need to consider the versatility and longevity of pieces to make the most out of your investment. To help you out, given below are the basic jewelry choices that are a must-have for building a jewelry wardrobe.

#1. Stud Earrings: 

Featuring a delicate and sleek design, studs are perhaps one of the most versatile earrings. These earrings fit closely to your ears and require no real effort. They can practically complement any sort of ensembles. Don’t go by their size, as these petite earrings can make an incredible impact on your outfit. Standing out for their simplicity, these earrings are great to be worn with busy necklines. No matter what your personal style is, you can find stud earrings in a myriad of options. From metal to setting and from clustered stones to pearls, there are nearly endless options to flatter you.

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#2. An Everyday Pendant Necklace

Next on our checklist is a pendant necklace. Subtle and simple, this is an everyday piece that looks amazing with whatever you wear. The pendant can be a charm, a motif, a solitaire, a gemstone, a letter, alphabet, photo locket, or anything you want. The pendant necklaces are beautiful by themselves but radiate an ethereal charm when layered. Vary chain length and even pendants to achieve the desired look you want.v

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#3. A Gemstone Ring:

A gemstone ring is one of the top wardrobe updaters. It is a great accessory to showcase your personal style. Available in an array of gems and metal options, these rings stylishly accentuate your hands. Featuring colorful gemstones, they add a vibrant hue to your outfit. These rings generally feature a large colorful gemstone and are perfect to sparkle up your everyday outfit.

#4. Bracelets:

These are important hand accessories that add hue and style to your look. You can typically wear a single bracelet or layer them in multiples. Being a timeless accessory, you can hang around in bracelets in a carefree way. These are lab grown diamond earrings in endless patterns, designs, sizes, and colors. Thus, you can easily build a huge collection in no time. Whether you are heading for a formal event or a friend’s hangout, there is a bracelet for all occasions.

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These are some of the basics to get started with building your jewelry wardrobe. Fortunately, you have huge choices within each category. The aforementioned classic jewelry pieces are the ones that you can wear again and again. These are ideal pieces to help you create a cohesive, splendid jewelry collection. So, get started to create a foundation for your jewelry wardrobe with these basic jewelry pieces.

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