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Chronic back and neck pain could be debilitating and bothersome. In most cases, it might end up affecting your productivity at work, mobility, and general life quality. Fortunately, the professional neurologists at Integrated Neurology Services offer tailored pain management, which treats the root trigger of your pain rather than only the symptoms in four Northern Virginia locations: Vienna, Alexandria, Lorton, and Falls Church, VA. To enhance your life quality with interventional pain management in Falls Church, contact the office through mobile or request an appointment online today.

What Is the Understanding of Pain Management?

Every day might be a challenge if you suffer from chronic pain. Thankfully, Integrated Neurology Services could assist you. Even though drugs and traditional therapies have been unsuccessful, they provide interventional pain management solutions to assist you in conquering chronic pain and resume your daily routine.

What Kind of Conditions Necessitate Pain Management?

The staff at Integrated Neurology Services addresses a variety of chronic pain disorders, such as:

v  Sciatica/Radicular Discomfort

Radicular pain is a type of pain that starts in the spine and travels down a nerve. Radicular discomfort might feel like a shooting feeling down your arm or leg. A frequent form of radicular pain is sciatica, which causes pain to travel from the lumbar back to the buttocks and legs. Ruptured discs and spinal stenosis are the frequent causes of radicular discomfort.

v  Disc Discomfort

The cartilage discs in your back and neck, which offer to cushion between both the bones of your spine, could rupture or deteriorate, causing discomfort. Low neck and back pain is frequently caused by disc issues in the spine.

v  Facet Joint Discomfort

Also referred to as facet joint syndrome, this prevalent reason for chronic low back and neck pain can indeed be hard to detect with imaging investigations solely. The specialists at Integrated Neurology Services can offer relief from facet joint pain in the back and neck through radiofrequency ablation and diagnostic injections.  

v  Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Discomfort

Posterior hip and low back pain are frequently caused by SI joint dysfunction. You could manage this painful issue with therapeutic and diagnostic joint injections.

v  Hip Joint Pain

Hip discomfort can be caused by issues with the back, leg, groin, or hip. The initial step is to use imaging and diagnostic injections to pinpoint the location of the discomfort.

What Are Some of the Most Prevalent Pain-Relieving Techniques?

To evaluate and relieve pain, the staff at Integrated Neurology Services utilizes modern image-guided treatments. Every person in the Integrated Neurology Services staff strives to enhance the health and well-being of their patients. After a comprehensive initial assessment, the staff creates individualized care strategies to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health.

Based on your unique diagnosis, they could utilize one or more of the following pain-management treatments:

  •         Medial branch neurotomy (radiofrequency ablation).
  •         Medial branch blocks.
  •         Therapeutic and diagnostic intra-articular hip and SI joint injections.
  •         Therapeutic and diagnostic selective nerve root blocks.
  •         Transforaminal epidural steroid injections.

Do not allow pain to impact your life quality, whilst safe and effective solutions are available for you. Call Integrated Neurology Services or set up a consultation online today for professional care in pain management.

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