An Aromatic Experience

It’s not the first sense that we rely on most of the time, but the olfactory sense is a powerful one. When a dish is freshly prepared or a dash of perfume is sprayed, the nose is immediately triggered by the chemicals floating around in the air. This causes individuals to formulate thoughts and even make choices, just based on the reaction of the brain. At SOH, the catalogue consists of some of the best scented candles in Australia, which excites the nasal sense. The candles are filled with paraffin wax and soy, and the fragrances are made to reflect their natural counterparts. Truly a homemade product, the candles are manufactured in Melbourne. The company was set up in 2013 by Nathan and Kristine Brown and has come a long way in fragrant products since then. They have a wide range of the best scented candles in Australia to select from, and the products embody the pureness, candour, and values associated with Australia.

Why should one invest in SOH’s scented candles?

Research shows that nine out of ten candle users say that candles make a room cosy, and a whopping 76% of candle purchasers say it’s the perfect gift for the holiday season. Candles have been around for more than 5000 years, and it is known that they are timeless classics. Moreover, the candles at SOH come in a variety of scents, have vegan and soy options, as well as have a heartfelt, Australian, and homely touch to them.

1. Nothing beats home

SOH is a family-owned and operated candle business straight out of Melbourne. This means that a lot of effort and a lot more love goes into each candle, which is delightfully crafted using the finest ingredients while keeping aesthetics in mind. Australian at heart, great scents all year round.

2. A wide range to pick from

A variety is always great to have, and this is just what SOH provides. It is guaranteed that there is an aroma for every person. Some of the popular products include Freja, Verdant, and Collins Street. These names just ooze Australian spirit, and similarly, spread wafts all around. The 390g candles come in 3 variants of metal, Copper, Iron, and Brass holders, and these luxury items integrate the aesthetics of any living space. They even have some lovely glass cloches to pair with the candles.

3. They burn well and long

The future of perfumery is exhilarating, to say the least. The candles are made with utmost precision and technique that allows them to last for 70 hours or more. SOH even includes a Candle Care section with tips on making candles run longer, protecting the glass encasing, and protecting people from injuring themselves.

4. Appealing both olfactory and visually

The company has paired up with esteemed perfumer Francois Merle-Baudoin and not only are the candles superb when it comes to their incense, but they are also held in petite glasses with matte finishes. Add on a holding vessel and glass cloche of choice, and the perfect home decor piece is achieved.

5. It Makes for ideal gifts and is easy on the pocket

Besides self-purchases, the candles are perfect gifts. They’ll fit right in at any home and go hand in hand with any existing furniture and ornaments. What’s even better is that they are fairly priced and can be afforded by all. This all the more reason not to wait any longer as there’s no time like the present to get one.

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