Best Hair Color Trends and Ideas to Copy ASAP


Trends change and evolve, influenced by the cinema, the recommendations and the style of the celebrities of the moment or the circumstances that we are experiencing.

In the case of color, natural tones are the great winners of this year 2021.

Last year’s lockdown didn’t leave many options for going to the salon to maintain color, so we opted for low-maintenance colors, and this trend is here to stay. We seek naturalness and prefer shades that blend well with the base color. In the search for that naturalness, there are options for all tastes, taking as a reference the three classic popular hair colors par excellence and their harmonious combination.

With regard to cutting trends, they are very eclectic, with influences from the sixties, eighties, and nineties. The pixies, the bowl cuts, the very minis hair, the bob cuts, the medium hair, the XL hair, the shaggy cut, and of course an endless number of bangs, from the baby, shorter, to the wafts and curtain

Once the trends for 2022 have been analyzed, you have to take into account other issues:

  •         Your lifestyle, maybe you love that cut but will you know how to handle it at home? Can you dedicate the time it needs?Visit here:  life2news
  •         With color we must ask ourselves a similar question: Will you be able to go to the hairdresser when color maintenance requires it?
  •         Be clear with your stylist, clearly convey what you want, you can help yourself with a photograph with the result you want to obtain. At the time of the cut, don’t be afraid to step in and guide the stylist to avoid a worse mistake.
  •         Unless you are very sure, avoid drastic changes, you can make an intermediate cut and see if it favors you before making a more radical change.
  •         The shape of the face is important. Analyze if your shape is elongated, square, oval, round, or heart-shaped.


Face shape can help you emphasize facial features that you like or soften those that you don’t. Logically you should adapt the look to your physiognomy and opt for cuts, hairstyles, and hair colors that you love.

– Elongated face

The possibilities of cuts for the elongated face are multiple; however, to find the perfect balance, you must respect some basic premises: avoid long and straight hair, as well as straight lines. It is advisable to look for hairstyles in width and not in length. You can also curl your hair or add volume. If you are looking for freshness and dynamism, curly short hair will soften your features. If you are more daring, the asymmetric cut is one of the ones that bring more personality and confidence, a symbol of elegance and modernity. Among the most flattering cuts that are on-trend, you can opt for bob at the level of the jaw, short hair with side bangs, or very short at the back and to the sides with bangs. The advantage is that it is simple as well as sexy and elegant. A style that shows character and determination

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If you can’t live without bangs, the straight shorten the face and the lopsided can give you a sweeter, more youthful touch.

– Heart-shaped face

The face of this form is characterized by having a particularly narrow forehead and jaws and this gives the face a rhomboid silhouette.

The midi and paraded hair will be your great ally, yes, always at the level of the jaw. You must bear in mind that straight hair is not at all flattering. With regard to the bangs, it is preferable to wear them long and sideways. You can also dare with a minimal pixie or a pixie without layers and with front volume. The lob or medium bob cuts are also a good option, always with the part on one side.

– Oval face

The oval face favors everything, the most daring cuts, or long, short, medium hair…

Among the most flattering cuts, you can choose long hair, preferably before the bust, with straight edges and with very loose curves; you can add golden highlights, which would have a rejuvenating effect. Layers and bangs would also add a hot touch to your look.

– Square face

For this type of face, long hair is the best option, preferably with bangs, lopsided, open, or pointed.

XXL manes are a great idea if possible with movement, layers, and a little scale. As for manes with shapes and waves, they are advisable from the chin down, so that the face appears more stylized. Short hair such as the straight bob or the grown pixie are very good options, it provides some volume in the middle of the mane and in the front part. Avoid overly straight cuts as they stiffen square faces too much. In the case of long hair, we will opt for the wavy bob, adding some volume in the upper area of ​​the head to stylize the features.

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