Break up spells with vinegar

You can wait forever long for the person you love to breakup with his girlfriend and finally notice you, or you can make it happen much sooner by casting a single vinegar spell. It’s one of the break up spells with vinegar which can turn any relationship, no matter how strong, sour.

Your chances of success are quite good. Not all couples are together because the partners are in love with each other. Statistically, many of them are just friends or they just got used to being together and don’t want to change anything. If you ask them why they’re together, you won’t get a clear answer. According to professional magic practitioners, without love people start to fade. Their energy levels drop and become less flexible affecting their ability to have dreams and set goals. They basically forget what it’s like to be happy and that almost every day can be lived like the best day of their life. Hence our mission to enable your loved one to dream again, and direct them to happiness and true love.​

What’s needed for it except the vinegar spell? Keep reading and you’ll find it out. Of course, it’s your love. When you end a person’s relationship, you have to give something in return. Seasoned esoteric authorities like Spellcaster Maxim can help you get 100% effectiveness from such enchantments.The Universe tolerates no emptiness and believes that each soul needs to be filled with positive emotions. This is what you should strive for because you’ll never succeed, unless you really love the target and want to make this person happy.

A break up spell with vinegar

Since you’re going to destroy a relationship, you should choose the date for your ritual accordingly. This break up spell with vinegar is cast on a waning moon and there are no exceptions to this rule. A waxing or full moon tends to break such spells. Knowing it, most spellcasters use lunar calendars which are as important in their profession as the altar or magic candles.

You can use any type of vinegar, such as grape or apple vinegar, as long as it’s the strongest you could find. Don’t use the vinegar you already have and which you’ve used before. So your vinegar should be purchased specifically for this ritual. When the ritual is over, throw it out together with the jar.

To perform this ritual, you also need a rectangular wooden plank which size is not less than 60 x 60 cm, and several black candles. Put them on the plank and light them. Wait for the candles to burn all the way down so their wax covers the whole plank. Leave the fuses where they are. If there is any area on the plank that’s not covered, light an additional candle and let its wax cover it. It’s okay if the surface turns out to be uneven. It shouldn’t scare you. Leave it the way it is.

Don’t try to smooth the altar surface out either manually or by warming the wax.

Now take a glass jar.  Scratch the names of the people you are putting your spell on, which is known as “vinegar jar spell break up couple”, with a knife or a glass cutter. Scratch the names the partners use when they talk to each other or when they introduce themselves. If they use nicknames, scratch the nicknames.​

Put the jar in the middle of your altar and fill one third of it with vinegar. Be careful as strong vinegar can burn your airways or damage your eyes and mucous membranes. Don’t bend over the jar and make sure the room where you’re performing this ritual is well ventilated. This spell is cast in the evening when the moon is waning. Don’t dilute vinegar as this will make the spell weaker.

Vinegar jar spell break up couple

To continue this vinegar jar break up spell, you also need a picture of the couple sentenced by you to a breakup. It shouldn’t be too big and it should be printed the same day the ritual is performed. The lovers should be holding their hands in the picture or hugging and smiling and look happy. They also should be looking in the camera. Only pictures meeting the above requirements can be used in this ritual.

Put the picture on your palm, bring it close to your lips, and whisper the following words in the woman’s face and then in the man’s face:

“I (your name) am acting as someone who loves. My love is what’s telling me you shouldn’t be together. There is nothing between you that you should hold on to. You’re kept together not by golden chains, colorful rainbows or sunrays, but by dry twigs of a dead tree, rotten twigs and rusty wires. You’re trying to save your relationship but you can’t. You’re wasting each other’s time which is wrong. My heart knows what love is. My heart knows what it’s like to wake up with someone you love. My heart knows what happiness is and I’m separating you with the power of my heart, my love and my magic. Today will be the last day you’re together. Tonight will be the first night you’re strangers to each other. I’ll pour this vinegar to dissolve the wires and the twigs. You won’t be together but will be on your own from now on. I’m casting this spell on the moon that’s melting just like your love is.”

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Put the picture in the vinegar and light three gray candles. When the flames are big enough, put them out one by one by also dipping in the vinegar and leaving them in there. Say the following words:

“It’s the end. It’s time to break up. It’s time to let go. You won’t be together ever again. You have your own fates now. You follow your own paths. Yours (the woman’s name) will take you to new meetings and feelings. I (your name) am not just stealing the man you love (the man’s name), but replacing boredom with joy, something you’re just used to with new love. Now your (the man’s name) path is leading to me (your name). Don’t be afraid to follow it. Come to me and I’ll warm your soul with love. I’ll melt your (the man’s name) cold, giving you a wonderful opportunity to love me (your name).”

Leave the jar with the picture, vinegar and the candles on the altar and take the altar outside. Put it in the moonlight. To ensure no evil forces interfere with your ritual, put four white candles in the corners of the altar and light them. Sit down near it and wait for about two hours with your eyes on the candles. It’s important that they don’t die out and keep burning. If they do die out more than twice, take the picture out of the vinegar and tear it into pieces. Pour the vinegar out. Put everything you used in the ritual in a trash bag and place it in a garbage container.​

Do the same if the candles keep burning but don’t take the picture out of the vinegar and don’t tear it into pieces. Put out the candles, wrap the altar in film, and throw it out. Don’t go to bed this night. You can watch TV, read or listen to music. However, it’s better if you just dream about the man you love, how he stops loving his partner and falls in love with you. In the morning when the sun goes up, sleep for a few hours. You’ll wake up feeling excited and clearly realizing that you’re now entering a new phase of your life thanks to magic where love, strong and mutual, is waiting for you.

The spell should bring the result within 4 weeks. If the partners are still together in 4 weeks, talk to a professional magic practitioner. Perhaps, something’s preventing you from casting spells successfully and you just need to find out what it is and take some measures.

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