Can I hire a PR agency that specializes in the blockchain industry? 

Blockchain PR is an industry that shows no signs of slowing down. By 2023, GuerrillaBuzz research predicts that the world will spend over $15.9 billion on blockchain-related technology.

That’s not to mention the current global market cap of cryptocurrency is $1.28T, with this figure only heading upwards as of recent trends. Being an industry of this size, it’s no surprise that PR agencies have formed that especially work within this market.

What is blockchain PR?

Blockchain PR focuses on amplifying the social presence of cryptocurrency-related brands. This includes, but is not limited to, IDO projects and current cryptocurrencies.

Considering that cryptocurrency exchanges form over 79% of the global average daily trade volume, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are turning their eyes to blockchain.

By employing a blockchain PR firm, you’ll be boosting the chance that your IDO project sees success. You’ll reach a larger portion of the cryptocurrency community, boost engagement, and increase traffic to your IDO project.

This, in turn, will result in a better investment period for your IDO project.

This, in turn, will result in a better investment period for your IDO project.

How is blockchain PR different from traditional PR?

While both blockchain PR and traditional PR focus on amplifying their contracted brands, they do so primarily through different channels.

While traditional PR focuses on mainstream media outlets like Facebook, the history of cryptocurrency scams and media bans has lead blockchain down a different path.

The most frequent forms of social channel for a blockchain PR campaign are social sites with devoted cryptocurrency communities. Sites like Pocket, Tumblr, and Reddit all form a large part of blockchain PR.

Additionally, due to the history of scams, blockchain PR focuses on persuading the public that an IDO project is a reputable project. PR that focuses on building trust, instead of only building brand awareness, is what distinguishes these forms of public relations.

How do I hire a PR agency that specializes in blockchain?

There are four steps towards finding a blockchain PR agency for your IDO project. The first of these is searching and contact, which will then be followed by:

  • Budget, expectations and Time Limit Discussions
  • Measuring and Recording

Let’s look at these in more detail.


Before starting any sort of blockchain PR campaign, you’re going to need to find an agency to help you. The two best ways of doing this is through word of mouth and through Google searches. Suppose you are familiar with a business using a blockchain PR agency with great results. In that case, you could reach out and see if they have additional availability.

Alternatively, you can use Google searches. By searching for keywords like ‘Blockchain PR’, you’ll be able to come across reputable companies. However, don’t always just go for the first link of Google.

Always scout out a business by seeing if they put time into their own PR. Do they frequently publish knowledgeable articles about blockchain PR? Do they genuinely seem like experts in blockchain?

If so, you may have found a great company to help with your blockchain PR. From there, you can move on to the next step.


Within your opening meetings with a blockchain PR agency, you should aim to discuss your budget and the amount of time you’re going to put into the PR project. Do you want it to run for 4 months? 6 months? More? These are all things you should establish early on in the conversation.

Similarly, try and discuss your expectations with a blockchain PR brand. Of course, the exact expectations of every campaign are mostly unpredictable, but it can help the PR agency if you have a clear vision for the future.

This also provides an opportunity for you to ask them about their previous clients. Can they prove their past efforts with case studies and fact files?

Measure and Record

Once you’ve decided to start running a campaign with a PR agency that focuses especially on blockchain, you’ll need to start to measure your efforts simultaneously.

Without measuring what’s going on with your campaign, such as traction, traffic, scope, and reach, you won’t be able to effectively review if it’s working.

Make sure your blockchain PR agency hits your goals and stay on track throughout the whole process. If something is going wrong, you should be watching the data and know ahead of time.

Final Thoughts

Finding a blockchain PR agency is a breeze. This growing market has an ample selection of blockchain PR agencies to pick from.

Boot up Google, ask around, and find yourself an agency in no time.

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