Check Out The Top 4 Easy Steps Of Cleaning Dog Ears!

Before taking a deep dive into the steps to understand the right dog ear cleaning procedure, you need to learn about the basic concept. It consisted of 3 parts similar to human ears. The outer ear, middle ear separated from the outer part, and the inner ear. The dog ear is quite different from the humans as it has a special L-shape. Its secrets have a product in-ear that is called earwax. The earwax works as a wall or a fatty substance that protects it from external bacteria and agents like dirt, dust, insects, and many others.

But when the wax is accumulated in a large quantity, it becomes very annoying and painful for dogs. They face issues in hearing the voice, and also it gives them restless nights and days. Unlike humans, the dog’s earwax color is not yellow; it simply means if the dogs have the yellow wax; it is because of an ear infection. Therefore, one needs to understand the basic concept; they can move ahead to further clearing steps.

Easy steps to follow

Let’s get started-

1. Raise the flag

A primary and foremost step is to raise the flag of the dog ear from one hand to see the entrance of the dog’s external canal clearly. Then if you are using any medicine to clean the ear, you need to pour a large amount of liquid for cleaning. This is the easiest way to clean the extra wax from the dog’s ear.

2. Gently massage

Individuals cleaning the dog’s ear by themselves at home don’t need to hesitate to press between thumb and fingers. This is the best way to spread the liquid in the ear well throughout and down the duct as well. People need to know the right way to give gently massage the base of the ear. It will help you in cleaning the ear quickly.

3. Dry ear canal

To dry the dog’s ear canal, you need to gently put your index finger with a soft tissue to wipe out the extra wax. The liquid you have used to clear the ear must be dry properly. This is because if you don’t take things carefully, it can cause severe ear infections issues in dogs.

4. Shake his head

The last step you need to follow is to let your dog shake his head for the proper cleaning of his ear. It brings the deepest dirt and dust out from the ear and makes them comfortable by giving accessible services.

Moving forward, by following the easy steps, you can deeply clear the ear of your dog and give them relief. According to the professional, individuals should not clean the dog ear excessively. It might cause the infection to the one because of the liquid you are using for cleaning. You need to take care of the proper procedure before trying it at home.


We are here with a closure that signifies about the right steps and accurate way of dog ear cleaning. People are always recommended to take advice from the professional before doing the procedure. They should always choose a suitable medicine liquid to clean the ear so it will not cause any infection to the dog. You should not use baby oil or alcohol to clean the dog ear canal, as it can be harmful to the pet.

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