Creating save the date cards

Your wedding save the date card is the first thing you need to plan for your big day. Save the date in the email shows your wedding guests that they can start planning and clearing their calendars before the invitation arrives. Before you set all the specifics, it’s still important to send a save date so you can give everyone plenty of time to prepare. Your guests need time to get off work (if necessary), prepare for travel, and buy new clothes when needed. Once your wedding date and location are set, learn how to create beautiful save the date cards that can start showing off your wedding theme and exciting your wedding guests.

Do you have to send save the date?

Many engaged couples wonder if a save the date wedding card is really necessary. Don’t our guests get all the information they need once we send out an invitation? While it’s true that your wedding invitations should contain all the details your guests need to know, save the date ends before many of these details are set. By saving the date cards, you can ensure guests have enough time to prepare and ensure they can attend. Especially if you’re hosting a large wedding or a destination wedding that requires more planning, a save the date card will at least let your guests know when and where the wedding will take place.

If you’re having a small or miniature wedding, you probably don’t need to save the date. Using a small guest list, you can send save the date invitations, which helps meet both needs by keeping the date and invitation separately. If you skip a separate save date, make sure you allow enough time for your guests to prepare when you send the invitation. Even with a small wedding, they still need time to clear their schedule and make sure no other commitments get in their way.

Best save the date examples

The only information you need to send save the date is your wedding date and location or location. However, many couples like to plan a theme before they send the save the dates so they can make sure it sets the tone for the wedding and matches the rest of the upcoming wedding stationery. If you’re struggling to figure out what your cards should look like, choose from some of the best save the date ideas below. Whether you already have a theme or want something simple and elegant, these designs and formats are excellent.

  1. Save the Date Magnet

Magnet save the date is an easy and popular way to help your guests get ready for your big day. With save the date magnets, you can send them yourself or add them to envelopes with a standard save the date cards. Everyone on the wedding guest list can attach magnets to their refrigerator or another surface to keep the wedding date in mind as they plan.

  1. Save the Date Postcards

Save the Date postcards or flat save the date magnets are an easy and effective way to deliver your most important wedding message. If you’ve taken an engagement photo, you can showcase your favorite photo or a collage of multiple photos that your guests will love to see when they get the mail.

  1. Destination save Date

If you’re planning a destination wedding, saving the date is important to leave in time. Depending on how much travel you need, you can send destination save the date cards 8 to 12 months in advance. For destination weddings, designing your save the date is a fun opportunity to give your guests a sneak peek at where you’ll be tying the knot. You can create a unique save the date card that looks like a flight ticket, or choose a simple background like palm trees to let your guests know you’ll be traveling abroad.

  1. Monogram saves the date

Monogrammed date cards are a great way to keep your design simple and elegant. In particular, monogram cards can match other wedding stationery, even if you don’t have or haven’t selected a particular theme. You can choose a card that highlights your monogram in the center, or choose a different style of card that shows your monogram below your engagement photo. A simple monogram is a lovely way to show that you and your future spouse are ready to bond through marriage.

  1. Seasonal save the date

Having a fall or winter wedding can provide you with a beautiful winter backdrop, and it’s also usually less expensive than a spring or summer wedding. If your wedding date is in the off-season, use a seasonal save the date card to showcase a unique view. You can add winter-themed photos and warm colors like orange and red, which are better for the season than bright pastels. Use your saved dates to show your guests that you’re getting married in a winter wonderland!

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