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Home renovations and remodelling are in full swing in Australia, with more than 80% of urban Aussies redoing their homes annually. Australia has several brands catering to the changing trends of interior decor, making it effortless for people to access the latest interior decor in vogue. Interior decor is also gaining popularity in social media, with several influencers and brands posting their latest decor work online. One primary aspect that people tend to overlook is flooring. But flooring today has innumerable options like timber flooring, tiled flooring, laminate flooring in Sydney, NSW, and other parts of Australia. Flooring is the central component of interior decor as it unifies the interior’s aesthetic theme. With the hoard of flooring options available today, people can effortlessly incorporate any design theme in their home and find relevant and trendy flooring.


Flooring design options are endless, but they usually fall under one of the following categories.


Timber or wooden flooring is perhaps the oldest flooring type and is still a trendy interior aesthetic. There are various kinds of timber flooring, and their central variation is in colour and texture.


Tiled flooring refers to floors with tiles. These tiles come in a range of materials, from granite and marble to glass and ceramic. They also come in various shapes, colours, and sizes, allowing for maximum creative freedom.


Concrete flooring is seeing a steady rise in popularity when they were usually a default option. Concrete floors have various types, from exposed concrete to aggregate concrete. People can also add a layer of epoxy resin for added colour. This flooring option is the easiest to maintain and is the default option for commercial spaces.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the latest find in the interior decor industry and is famous for its effortless maintenance and range. The top layer of the flooring is a printed vinyl laminate, with other layers underneath for integrity. People can print innumerable designs on these laminates, like wooden plank designs, tile designs, etc. Laminate flooring is a budget-friendly alternative to most flooring options, as it can mimic the same effect with print.


Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan Tiles come with intricate and colourful patterns on the tiles, and designers usually juxtapose them to form a continuous design. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit all spaces and design themes. We are highly occupied in providing Concrete Floor Polishing Services to the clients.

Dark Granite

Granite flooring is a luxurious option that several people choose to adorn their homes. People usually chose lighter colours, but today, more people are open towards a darker flooring design. Granite in dark colours with contrasting veins elevates the erudite vibe, bringing grandeur into the home.

Wooden Laminates

Wooden floors are hard to maintain as they can’t withstand most weather conditions and disintegrate with water damage. Laminates help solve this problem, as people can print those wooden planks onto the laminate sheet. The print on the sheet looks and feels like wood but is waterproof and damage-resistant. Additionally, laminates are effortless to install and maintain.

Bamboo Flooring

Similar to timber flooring, bamboo flooring offers a sleek and modern finish to the flooring. Bamboo floors come in various types and are easier to maintain than timber floors.

Australian weather tends to be humid throughout the year, which can damage the interior and exterior decor. People should remember this while choosing flooring options, as the humidity could disintegrate their floors quickly. Additionally, people living near beaches should also consider the salt content in the air. Designers choosing laminate flooring in Sydney or tiled flooring in NSW can ensure longer-lasting floors. With the array of flooring options available today, people can effortlessly choose a durable flooring option to their taste.

Since financing a home project takes planning, homeowners should consider all the options and choose the financing path that is best for their project and financial situation. Bankrate created a guide exploring some of the best ways to finance home improvements. It also weighs up the pros and cons of each option and which group of people it works well with.

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