Desktop as a Service Can Help You Solve Your Hybrid Workplace Problems

A few years ago, the prospect of having an online cloud software that single-handedly manages every major and minute functionality of your organisation was merely a fantasy. Thanks to technology, today, several organisations are either opting for or considering desktop as a service as an inevitable part of their business.

DaaS technology has already reached the big players in the industry and is keeping pace with many others. As an entrepreneur or an important stakeholder in any business, you have only to gain from the many perks this one single technology offers. Take a look below to understand some of the most essential benefits of it:

Cuts Maintenance Costs:

The cost of maintaining an entire organisation’s data, ensuring its timely upgradation, investing in tools and talent to manage it can be very high! That is a great deal of money spent managing data when you could save your crucial IT budget by opting for a DaaS alternative.

Besides, you cannot underestimate the cost of purchasing new devices for your organisation and above all transporting and maintaining them too. Today, an increasing number of organisations are opting for BYOD (Bring Your Own Desktop) policy where employees can merely log in to the company’s cloud ID and start working.

Boosts Productivity at Work:

Incorporating DaaS technology at the workplace has proven to be a game-changer in boosting employee productivity. Studies suggest that employees are more comfortable using their devices and having the liberty to work from them.

As this technology allows employees to do their work from anywhere, they can send reports, complete pending tasks and attend meetings from wherever they are comfortable. At the end of the day, productivity is all that matters, and with DaaS, that is a reality.

Safeguards Data Security:

It is not rocket science to gauge that the larger the quantity of devices storing data, the higher is the propensity for data leaks and breaches. With DaaS, every employee is logged into the cloud platform of their particular organization. Hence the chances of data being accessible to anyone outside the cloud is almost impossible. It undoubtedly can be a real boon for organizations!

Ensures Interrupted Business:

Having a desktop as a service can scale up the work accessibility by notches, and this, in turn, is responsible for ensuring uninterrupted business or continuity. DaaS empowers employees across bands to be accessible irrespective of their physical location.

You could be traveling for work but need to attend a quick call with another team; all you have to do instead of painstakingly pulling out that laptop is use your phone in hand, log into the company’s cloud software, and you’re through it!

DaaS can be a real savior when managing a hybrid workspace because it considerably eliminates the burden and pressure of having to manage and monitor. With this technology, every process is automated and documented as your organization’s entire work is managed on cloud software that is unique only to your organization.

Apart from that, Daas also bestows you with ‘future proofing’ features. These are nothing but crucial auto-updates to help you stay abreast with new changes, strategies, and software without spending a penny! It can be safe to say that DaaS is not just a technology but the future of working itself.

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