Determining Liability Before Filing for Legal Claims in Atlanta in Matters of Accidents

No one wants to get involved in any sort of accident and no one wants to become liable for such mishaps at any cost. However, accidents happen regularly claiming lives and causing major physical and financial losses every day. During such accidents, you could easily become a victim of unjust claims that makes you liable for the occurrence of the accident. In such cases, having an attorney by your side can help your case. 

If you are looking for reliable Atlanta, GA personal injury attorneys, you must checkout with the attorneys at MG Law firm at their offices located in Georgia and Atlanta. You can also request a free consultation to see the possible solutions regarding claims related to personal injuries including bodily injuries and wage loss that occurred due to the accident. In some cases, the lawyers can even help you get compensation for the emotional distress that comes along with major accidents. 

The legal definition of liability 

Sometimes finding the defaulter is quite easy while at other times events take a complicated turn and it is difficult to point out anyoner fault without getting involved in legal proceedings. 

If you have not indirectly or directly caused the accident, the liability does not lie on your shoulders, and instead, you are eligible for getting compensation from the party at fault or your insurance agents. 

Liability can be determined by:

  • Acceptance of fault by any one party.
  • Presentation of evidence in front of law that establishes the liability in the given scenario. 

If sufficient evidence is not produced, a personal injury lawyer can take the lead to ensure the safety of rights of his clients in Atlanta. 

Even the acts of negligence can prove your liability for causing such incidents because the assumption of law is such that if you were careful enough, you would not be negligent to become the cause of any accidents or mishaps.  

When more than one party is at fault, it is the responsibility of the jury to hold the percentage of liability of all parties involved in causing the accident. This is done after examining the evidence presented to the jury. The percentage decided by the jury will then determine the financial damages that each party will be liable to pay.

If you are involved in any sort of accident, it is always prudent to consult a lawyer before making any statements or even taking them to insurance agencies that can record your calls as evidence to use it against you. 

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