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Dohars – A Man-made Gift For Summers

Summers can be tough; if handling the heatwave during the morning is a challenge, managing to catch a dear sleep at night can be even more challenging. To beat the heat and keep individuals comfortable, Dohars come in handy. These are made of layers of pure natural cotton that helps the body be cool even during the warmest of months. For this reason, Wakefit recommends the use of dohars. Though comfort is what is talked about most times, dohars can also be pleasing to the eye. With reversible models becoming popular, you can get dohars with two different designs on either side. Hence, if you are looking for a change of bedroom ambience during the summer months, opting for a reversible dohar can be your best bet.

What Is A Dohar?

The word dohar is the traditional summer blanket. It is made of three layers of mulmul. This fabric is ultra-breathable and is a type of premium muslin cotton. Natural cotton always is the best to beat the heat in the summer, and they usually come in subtle colours and prints. This makes them effortlessly blend with all the home interior and decors. A dohar follows old block printing methods, which uses a chisel and a carved block of wood. The printing is done by pressing the fabric with natural and azo-free dyes, and each colour is applied with a different block. The process is slow and time-consuming and requires patience.

The mulmul cotton is very soft, and anybody will fall in love with the feel and look. Hence it comes as no surprise that it is the most preferred AC blanket for summer. Dohars are easy to launder and can be machine washed any number of times. Besides being used as a blanket, one can also drape a sofa, chair and bed as they are light in weight. Mini dohars are becoming popular in recent times as they have multiple uses such as nursing blankets, tummy timesheets and cover for strollers.

Who Should Buy A Dohar?

Dohar is for those who seek the comfort of a blanket without making it uncomfortable during the summer months. Dohars create a good ambience with incredibly stylish looks for any room and mainly offer a rustic finish. Hence, they are ideal for people who wish to revamp their bed or bedroom. Therefore opting to buy dohar online can be one of the best decisions. Dohar adds a breath of fresh air to a home. Apart from making comfortable summer blankets, dohars are also preferred by those comfortable with multiple layers of bedding. Dohars go along well when paired with other beddings too.

Types Of Dohars

Dohars come in various sizes, cotton and fibres. So, while purchasing dohar, one should take extra care to read the product description and then choose the right ones for them. The two significant kinds of dohar based on their sizes are:

  • Single dohars are 150*224 cm.
  • Double size dohars are 224*254 cm.

Advantages Of Dohars

There are numerous benefits of dohars, and they are:

  • Dohars are made of cotton, offering extensive comfort to users.
  • These are light but sturdy and last for a more extended period.
  • They can be extensively machine washed and hence need less maintenance.
  • Dohars are preferable for summers rather than for cold weather conditions.
  • It is comparatively a little higher-priced than blankets, but it is worth every penny for the comfort it offers.
  • Dohars remain resilient, soft and fresh for years together.
  • They look very fashionable in vivid colours and patterns.
  • One can drape it on any furniture to add extra elegance.

How To Take Care Of Dohars?

Dohars are washable and can be cleaned any number of times. But to make them last longer, there are specific tips that can help.

  • Machine wash them in warm water rather than using hot water.
  • Wash dark coloured dohars separately so that even if the colour runs, it won’t stick onto other bed linen.
  • Do not bleach them as they are naturally made with no chemical agents. Using bleach on them will make them exposed to more chemicals that will be harmful to the user. In addition, if they are allergic or sensitive, then the risk of developing health problems increases.
  • Only tumble dry the dohar on average and low heat. This will make sure that there is no wear and tear.
  • If you want to iron and straighten the wrinkles formed on the dohars after a wash, make sure you use only moderate heat.

What Is The Difference Between A Dohar And A Comforter?

Comforters are made of thick padding to prevent the loss of heat. They are ideal for cold winters and not the right choice for hot summer nights, unlike dohars. Comforters are made of cotton or wool, whereas dohars are made of cotton with thin mulmul layers or muslin cotton as flannels. Dohar blankets are the perfect choice to be used all through the year. Comforters are heavily insulated with numerous fillings, whereas dohars are light in weight as they have only three layers. Dohars are very breathable and hence the perfect choice for all seasons.

How Is A Dohar Different From A Blanket?

A large, rectangular blanket consists of only a single layer to keep the person warm with its insulative property. Though blankets offer more cosiness, their use is limited to the winter months alone. This is because they are entirely seasonal, whereas dohars can be used all around the year. Blankets are the perfect choice for harsh winters. Blankets use multiple layers of cotton or in combination with wool for better insulation. However, dohars are made from cotton that helps the body breathe better even while sleeping.

Final Words

Dohar, popularly known as Razai in Asian countries, is a man-made boon to this world. This 100% cotton is a class apart from all other blankets offering a plush feel to the users. With all the above points about dohars, it is evident that this fabric sandwich is an excellent way to make summers cool.

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