Effective Tips: NEET Preparation in Two Months

NEET is a medical entrance exam conducted every year for the students seeking admission to the top medical and dental colleges of India. It is a difficult exam to crack but if students prepare from the scratch and use the right strategies they can ace the exam easily. The syllabus for NEET is vast and many students register for the NEET exam. Thus, students have to start preparing early. Sometimes students understand the importance and difficulty level of the exam at a later stage and they become serious about their studies when little time is left. Preparing for the NEET exam in just two months is a big challenge. But, it is possible to crack the exam with hard work and consistency and using the right approach. 

In this article, we will discuss some effective tips that can help students to prepare for the NEET exam in just two months. Students who want to score high marks in the NEET exam must use smart techniques to prepare for the exam. Students must understand the important topics from each subject to start their preparation. In the NEET exam, there are 90 questions asked in Biology and 45 questions each from chemistry and physics. Therefore, students have to focus more on biology to ace the exam. Biology is a vast subject and students must have a deeper knowledge of this subject to score high marks in the NEET exam. Students should divide the time by two months based on the weightage of marks for each subject and chapter. 

Effective tips to prepare physics for NEET in 2 months

If students have just 2 months left for the NEET exam, they can use the given tips to prepare for physics.

  • Students must know the syllabus for physics and they should divide the chapters to complete the syllabus in 45 days. Students should spend only 2-3 hours per day on completing one chapter. They should finish the entire syllabus at least 10 days before the exam for doing a final revision.
  • Students must avoid doing a new topic at the last moment. They should only practice and revise the old topics. They should remember the main formulas and concepts of the important chapters and should revise only the topics that they have learned in the past.
  • Students must mark the important topics and they should know the important chapters that need more focus. They should complete the easy topics such as wave optics first and then focus on the difficult topics such as thermodynamics and mechanics. In class 11 physics, mechanics is the important topic to be covered and from class 12 physics students should focus more on modern physics.
  • Students must practice numerical problems in physics. They should use sample papers and mock tests for practicing numerical problems. Students must remember the formulas and application of formulas for solving different numerical problems. This will help to improve their speed and problem-solving skills. They can also use tricks for a quick calculation to save time in the exam. 

Effective tips to prepare chemistry for NEET in 2 months

Chemistry is an easy subject and it is the most scoring subject for the NEET students. They can easily score high marks in the chemistry section by focusing on preparing it well. 

  • Students have to study the three sections of chemistry separately. They have to focus on physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry to score high marks. 
  • Numerical problems are an important part of chemistry and students should practice numerical problems repeatedly. They can solve numerical problems based on Redox, mole concept, equilibrium, chemical kinetics, solid-state, electrochemistry, and atomic structure. 
  • Inorganic chemistry is comparatively easy and students can easily score high marks in inorganic chemistry. They should understand chemical bonding and other important topics such as qualitative analysis, P block elements, and metallurgy. Important topics from organic chemistry include Grignard’s reagent, hydrocarbons, general organic chemistry, carbonyl compounds, and biomolecules.

Effective tips to prepare biology for NEET in 2 months

Biology is a very vast subject and students have to spend more time on biology to score high marks in the NEET exam. They can follow the given tips:

  • Students must divide the entire syllabus for biology properly to finish it in one and a half months so that they have some time left for revision. Students must revise diagrams from the NCERT books. NCERT books for class 11 and 12 biology provide sufficient knowledge and information for the NEET preparation.
  • Students can also solve NEET PYQP with Answers Keys for 2018 Code AA for practicing biology. There are other previous year’s question papers available on the internet and students must practice as many previous year’s question papers as they can. This will help them to analyze the difficult topics and can focus on the difficult topics. This will also help students to gain confidence by analyzing their performance in the previous year’s question papers.
  • Students must solve and practice the easy questions first to boost up their confidence. They can solve 80-85 questions easily. Students must focus on difficult topics such as cell biology, genetics and evolution, biotechnology, and animal and plant physiology. 

General tips to prepare for the NEET exam in 2 months

When little time is left students may panic but they should stay calm because being nervous will not solve their problem. If they stay calm they can spend time preparing and can achieve their targets.

Students must make short notes while preparing for the NEET exam. Short notes are very useful for doing a quick revision before the exam. Students can easily revise important topics from the short notes as they are easy to understand. 

Students must solve mock tests. They should solve at least one mock test of the full syllabus to analyze their performance and preparation. This will help students to know their weak areas and they can focus on the weak topics.

Sample papers also help the students preparing for the NEET exam in gaining confidence. Thus, students must solve sample papers for the NEET preparation in two months.

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