Effective tips to prepare class 8 Maths in 30 days.

CBSE Class 8 Maths is a very important and scoring subject. Usually, to be perfect in any subject the preparation has to be from day one But sometimes due to many reasons students lack in their preparation and start very late. By the time they realize it’s already time for the exam. You cannot just let go and keep thinking. But you should act smart and start immediately. You have 30 days. Not just 30 days. You can do a lot if you have the will to do it. Where there is all there is a way right.

The first step is to think positive and no negative thoughts should come in the way.

You are much behind the students who would have started their preparation early. But it is never too late. Till you can score well. For that, you have to plan and most importantly follow with full focus and dedication.

Before starting the preparation first you have to know the chapters to be learned. You can refer to the chapter wise solution in RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 

Let see the syllabus in class 8 Maths.

The chapters are:

  1. Number Systems
  2. Algebra.
  3. Ratio and Proportion.
  4. Geometry.
  5. Menstruation.
  6. Data Handling.
  7. Introduction to graphs.
  8. Playing with numbers.
  9. Linear Equations with two Variables.
  10. Factorization.
  11. Direct and Inverse Proportion.
  12. Visualising Solid Shapes
  13. Exponents and Powers
  14. Cubes and Cube Roots
  15. Comparing Quantities
  16. Algebraic Expressions and Identities

There are a total of 16 chapters and you have 30 days. You have to make a very smart study plan so you cover all the chapters and you can systematically solve them.

Time table.

Now you know the syllabus so make a timetable analyzing exactly the time you can devote each day. You have to give extra time effort. The efforts and the dedication that you put in now will surely show you positive results. 

Your study duration will be long but you can take breaks in between. Maths is a subject you can even practice listening to your favourite music. This way you will not feel that you are studying for long hours but at the same time, you will be practising more.


Since the time is short you cannot do all the problems in the exercises. But still, there is a way to be perfect. The examples given in each chapter is very important. So don’t skip any as this will the practice of all types of problems. It does not mean that you skip the exercises. You can select a few and practice. So this will save much of your time. You have to very smartly manage the time.

Reference Books.

Often students think that referring to many books and problems will gain more knowledge. It is not a fact.  The more you refer you are into more confusion. At this point, of time you cannot afford to any kind of misconceptions. The NCERT textbook has everything. But if still, you feel the requirement just take 1 good reference book, or if you referring to NCERT solutions you will be able to manage well.

The NCERT textbook is the best for the preparations. Mostly the questions are set from the NCERT.  Along with the textbook, you can refer to anyone’s good reference book. But don’t refer to too many books as you will be confused and you will not gain anything.

When it comes to the formulas, you have to learn but won’t just memorize without any understanding. Understand the concepts and the derivation. When you learn to derive the formulas it becomes very easy.

Sometimes the subject is very intellectual so looking out for a reasonable application can help change your prospect as well as make it enjoyable.

Note down the key points and make a list of the formulas. This will be useful for tackling several revision sessions during the exams as it gives an overview of the whole syllabus.

Revision is very important and has to be practised daily. Maths is not a subject that can be mastered by just reading and listening. Make sure that you practising devoting a proper time and with the right focus.

Cultivate a habit of fixing time limits to answer the questions. It will be very useful during the examination. Time management skill is very important.

Analyze the marking scheme and understand while solving the problems.

Divide the chapters according to your capacity. Give the challenging chapters some extra time and the easy ones can be solved quickly. It is very essential to know the chapters that need more time and effort. Doing randomly will waste your time.

Do not ever try to crumble the process of the steps involved in solving the problems. This will just create confusion and nothing else. So you should avoid and do according to the proper focus.

Don’t learn any new chapters or concepts at the last moment. This will not be of any use and is not the time to learn anything new or do any experiments in the chapters. This is the time to revise and be more perfect what you know.

Don’t get carried away whatever is said by someone and read irrelevant chapters. Stick to your syllabus and keep yourself updated with any changes in the syllabus or the exam pattern.

 Never solve very old question paper as there might be many changes in the recent years and also the pattern f the question. Solving those will not be very helpful. Instead, always solve the recent papers as these are updated with the latest pattern and the syllabus.

Never entirely rely on sample papers instead of textbooks. They are just practice and should not depend and study only those. These are mainly for practice.

The revision also has to be done with certain methods. Don’t start revising all the chapters in a single day. This will be just your satisfaction but the results are not positive.

Keep in mind that outshining in mathematics is not an impossible task. All is patience and pursuance. Reviewing and sharpening key strengths and developing tactics of solving questions for preparation is the main ingredient for success.

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