Extravagant Wedding Proposal Ideas

A marriage proposal is traditionally an expensive and thoughtful gesture. However, extravagant proposals are becoming a growing trend in this day and age. Now you don’t need to go all out with your proposal; instead, you can brainstorm other ways to create a memorable proposal for your significant other. Below are some of the extravagant wedding proposal ideas.

1. Make a Romantic Night at The Restaurant

Some restaurants like Cipriani and Spiaggia have outdoor patios that give you the perfect spot to propose. The angel lights hanging above can act as a spotlight as you pop the question. You can then take your significant other inside for dinner. If you want to make the proposal more elaborate, consider bringing in some musicians to play while you orchestrate your proposal. You could even hire singers to sing a special romantic song.

2. Hire an Artist to Create a Painting

A fun way to capture your romantic moments together is by having an artist paint portrait of you and your significant other. The artist can depict you both as movie stars in a natural setting or capture your relationship. You can then hang the painting up in your home and start a tradition of updating it together. The next time the artist comes over to paint another portrait, you can ask them to take an extra step and create a proposal painting.

3. Take Her to An Unexpected Destination

If you share a passion for art, music, or history, take your lady to some of Europe’s most famous landmark sites. For example, the Vatican has incredible art, while landmarks like the Duomo in Italy and St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice are filled with history. The opportunity to visit these places is great, but the idea of proposing at these places is even better. You and your significant other will love the romance these destinations offer, especially when you propose in one of the picturesque spots.

4. Take a Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride above your city, state, or country is sure to make a lasting memory for your significant other. A private helicopter ride will allow you and your lady to gaze at the sights while in the air. A pilot usually suggests that couples take a romantic flight. Still, you can change this into a proposal—such as flying over Brisbane and the surrounding areas with the help of flying professionals such as Bekaa Air.

5. Go on a Spa Day

Many spas offer several different services to pamper your lady. A day of being pampered can be perfect as you get ready for the momentous event of your proposal. At a spa, they could give her a massage or facial, manicure and pedicure, as well as a makeover. You can then take her somewhere amazing after all the treatments. Maybe you could take her to a cool, trendy restaurant, or better yet, go on a romantic hike.

These elegant wedding proposal ideas are perfect for those couples who want to make the proposal special. Your lady will love the idea of celebrating your anniversary at the same spot you first expressed your love for one another. She will also appreciate a romantic dinner at a restaurant or helicopter ride overlooking her favourite city.

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