Flower Giving Guide: Tips for Success

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A lot of people appreciate the ephemeral nature and beauty of flowers as a distinct investment in memories. Research by the Society of American Florists reveals that up to 88% of Americans attest that giving flowers makes them feel happy, while 80% say receiving flowers brings them joy.

Flowers serve as a meaningful gift since the act of giving flowers itself is symbolic. With a variety of different blooms to choose from, finding the best flowers to send on practically any occasion has never been more effortless. Today, you can find everything from contemporary bouquets to romantic, tropical flower arrangements at your local florist and have them delivered anywhere you’d like.

Still, it would be wise to be keen on picking out flowers since each variety holds a different meaning. Whether it’s a ‘thank you” bouquet or an anniversary flower arrangement, it is important to choose a variety that plays to the sensibilities of the recipient. Here is a guide to help you give flowers successfully.

What You Need to Consider When Giving Flowers 

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  1. Your Recipient’s Favorite Colors

Knowing your recipient’s preference for colors will help you narrow your search for flowers to those that display certain hues. There are a lot of colors to choose from – between perennial and annual species; there are blossoms that are red, white, yellow, peach, pink, purple, blue, and every shade in between.

You can also find flowers that showcase multiple shades like harlequin blue flags, wand flowers, and walking iris. However, if you are not up to speed on your recipient’s preferred color, it would be best to opt for safe choices such as white, pink, or red.

  1. Choosing Flowers that Convey a Particular Message

Traditionally, different colored flowers are believed to express a diverse array of emotions. For instance, red roses are perceived as a symbol of passionate love and adoration, while pink roses promise remembrance and white blossoms to signify beauty.

Similarly, different types of flowers also hold a definitive meaning. Yellow carnations and purple hyacinths are used to console the recipient or extend sympathy for loss. On the other hand, daffodils and geraniums serve as a token of friendship and honor.

  1. Selecting an Elaborate Flower Arrangement

If your goal is to make a statement, you should go for a vibrant assortment of blooms that come in a special container like a basket or a large, stylish pot. You can never go wrong with a mix-and-match that creates a pleasant contrast or picking out flowers from selections currently in season and assembling them into a unique, thoughtful gift.

According to how big of an arrangement you want, you can combine up to half a dozen variations of flowers. A carefully coordinated flower arrangement is easier to maintain and appears luxurious making it an excellent gift.

  1. Picking Seasonal Varieties for a Timely Gift

You can find a variety of seasonal flowers almost anywhere fresh flowers are on sale year-round, including your local florist. Warm-weather blooms with bright, bold colors such as peonies, daisies, and sunflowers perfectly capture the summer spirit. Similarly, orchids and poinsettias are often associated with Christmas.

  1. Attaching a Personalized Card

Nothing ties up a flower gift together like a personalized card ad-on addressed to the recipient. Luckily, most florists include a custom message on request when you purchase a flower bouquet. Use this ad-on to elucidate why you chose the flowers or further express your feelings toward the recipient.

Place Your Flower Order Today

Giving flowers has always been an ideal gift for any occasion. When giving flowers, it is essential to consider the tips outlined above for it to be successful. The magic of giving flowers lies in the type of flowers chosen, the message they convey, the recognition of your recipient’s preferences, and your thoughtfulness – not just the act of giving.

So why not arrange for a perfect floral gift delivery today?

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