Here’s What to Know While Using UPI Payments

In this technologically advanced era, everything has become online. You can watch videos, buy things, and even pay for expenses via your smartphone without even stepping out of your home. Yes, with digitalization, comfort and convenience in the life of people have become possible. As a result, the demand for digital transactions in the past few years has grown exponentially. Now you just have to tap on your mobile screen, and there you go! You have paid for the expenses in a matter of few minutes.

The driving force behind the popularity of digital transactions is the United Payments Interface (UPI). It is a payment mode that allows you to transfer money in just a few clicks and is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). UPI transfer allows you to directly pay for expenses from your bank account without any hassle.

But, as we digitalize, the number of digital frauds is skyrocketing. To protect yourself from such fraud, you must stay cautious and adhere to safety tips while using these mobile apps. The Bajaj Pay UPI app is undoubtedly one of the most reliable apps. Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind while using UPI payments:

Keep UPI Access Secure

For receiving payments, you must only share your UPI address which could either be your phone number or UPI QR code. Except for these details, you should not share any other information with anyone. You should also not allow anyone to access your UPI account through the digital app. To ensure safety, you can set a strong phone screen password, along with enabling payment PIN. In case you feel like the details are exposed to anyone, ensure that you immediately change the password and PIN.

Restrict Screen-Sharing Apps

With screen-sharing apps, your sensitive financial information, like your password and OTP, will be at a higher risk. Therefore, you must always ensure that you disable blanket access for such screen-sharing apps to prevent data leakage.

Verify Registered Name on UPI ID

When you scan the UPI QR code or manually add up the number or VPA for making a payment via the Bajaj Finserv app, the receiver’s registered name always pops up. Before making any payment, you must always verify the receiver. Doing this will help to ensure that your money is sent to the right person since the UPI transfer is non-reversible.

Stay Cautious with Fake Calls and Unverified Links

To receive payments on the Bajaj Pay UPI payment app India, you will not have to scan the UPI QR code or enter the UPI pin. These credentials are only required while making payments. The hackers usually send a link or call you to request to download an app for verification purposes, but you must ensure that you never click on such links or have conversations on these calls. Banks never call to ask for a PIN, OTP or any sensitive details. Avoid falling prey to such fraudulent activities.

Prefer UPI ID Over Phone Calls

Avoid sending money through phone numbers. Always prefer transferring via the receiver’s UPI ID or the QR code for payment purposes, as while typing a number, there can be a chance of entering the wrong number by mistake. Also, to verify the transaction before sending in the total amount, you must consider sending in a test amount.

Avoid Using Multiple UPI Apps

For digital transactions, one UPI payment app is more than enough. UPI offers interoperability; the payments are seamless across all the platforms. There is no need to use multiple UPI apps for transaction purposes.

Keep Your UPI App Updated

You must regularly update the Bajaj Pay UPI payment app. The recent upgrades include security updates that help to make the app safer to use and less prone to security breaches.

In case of any issue with your payments or transactions, flag it immediately on the UPI app through the help centre. In addition, you can make your UPI transfer experience easier by using apps with low failure rates that work well with your bank.

For a safe and reliable UPI transfer, you can always rely on Bajaj Finserv. They offer a 24*7 money transfer facility to help users enjoy a seamless experience. When you create a Bajaj Pay UPI ID, you even get INR 50 cashback to enjoy further transactions. Now you can enjoy a personalised payment experience with Bajaj Finserv.

Download the Bajaj Finserv app to enjoy a seamless transaction.

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