How to actually prevent accidents on a construction site? An Ultimate Safety Guide

Construction sites are not a jest. Thousands of people meet accidents or get injured during working time every year. It is not an exaggeration that the number of deaths in these sites is above hundreds. People working in these dangerous zones need to find special safety requirements different from other working areas. Employees should keep the construction sites safe, secure and alert all day. To prevent accidents, they must take care of equipment like safety gloves, clear safety glasses, welding respirators and face shields.

Read this article to know the measures to take while working in a construction environment.

1)PPE kit is mandatory to enter the workplace

Make wearing PPE necessary to enter the construction site. It works as a shield that protects the workers from any fire. Wear safety gloves and safety boots that protect the feet and hands. It is hundred per cent sure that not wearing PPE is letting the accident happen. To minimise the consequences of unexpected events, wear PPE and make others wear it. Recommendations for the best PPE are:

1)Anti Fog safety glasses

2)polarised safety glasses

3)positive seal foam safety glasses

4)indoor/outdoor tinted safety glasses

5)chemical resistant gloves

6)heat resistance & fire protection gloves

7)P2 masks &respirators for smoke and bushfires

8) full-face respirators & masks

9) noise-cancelling earmuffs

10) blue tooth earmuffs & AM FM Radio earmuffs

2)Keep the site neat

It is not easy to keep a construction site near and clean. There will be slips and trips all around, and the areas are messy all the time. According to studies, small, unnoticing mistakes become significant damages in workplaces. To avoid these risks, try to maintain the construction sites decent. Employ workers for cleaning purposes only. Take care of escape routes and slip prone areas.

3) Choose Only the right equipment

Every tool does not work in the same way. It is significant to choose the right equipment to make the work done quick and perfect. Also, choosing the right tool gives an upper hand in making the workplace safe. Give a thorough check to the machinery used in the site before using it. Buy equipment from reputed dealers only. Check the authorisation of the dealers. If they do not match any safety precautions, there is no choice other than not to buy from them. Safety should be the priority.

4)Talk to the employee about insurance and induction

Induction and insurance for a work site are essential. The former is critical to know what is happening on the site, while the latter is crucial to help from the consequences of unexpected events. Induction acts as an ultimate guide that gives instructions on what to do and avoid on a site. These legal requirements are a must. Employers should take care of it to ensure the safety of the workers and their families. Avoid working in construction sites that have none of them.

5) Unsure about anything? Do not hesitate to ask

Intuition works. There will be moments when people become unsure about something or have instincts about something wrong. Stop working then, and share the concerns with the co-workers. Do not hesitate to ask questions if in doubt. It is easy to put things right before it goes wrong. Speak to the employer or the supervisor in critical situations.

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