How to leverage job portals for finding the right candidates?

Gone are the days when job seekers used to wander around the cities and drop their resumes in companies’ receptions in the hope of getting the job. Today there are plenty of job portals where recruiters post their openings and candidate browse through the job requirements and apply for the one that meets their education and suitability. Not just this, these job portals have taken much of the burden off the head of companies and recruiters. Today you will find different portals for different kinds of jobs. For example- there are portals for admin jobs in Sydney, Executive jobs, Engineering jobs, and more. There is no denying that the job boards have become an integral part of every hiring process. For a valid reason! If you want to expedite your search for suitable candidates in your organization, follow the below-mentioned tips.

Choose the right job portal for your business.

Like every other aspect of your business, you would be having budget constraints for the hiring process. Right? So look for a job board that can bring you the most qualified candidates because partnering with those will assure you high return on investment. You can choose large or mainstream job boards as they are bound to attract many qualified candidates. Or finding niche job portals that are specialized particularly in your industry or business functions would be better.

Craft an attractive job description

Remember, your job description is the first contact you make with your potential candidates. Therefore, to tempt candidates to apply for your current opening, you need to create a job description engaging, attractive, and, of course, informative. So before you publish your post, make sure it has a clear job title, explains your specific requirements, and provides all vital information.

Show off your brand.

As you know, when a candidate is browsing through the job openings at your organization, he would want to look for your reputation and hence go through your official website. So before you advertise for job opportunities at your organization, make sure you have an appealing website with all the necessary information that showcases your company as a best of its kind. Besides reputation, the applicant will also be interested in knowing about your work culture, career growth, products and services, and benefits you provide. Good job portals have a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System that helps you create a seamless extension for your website.

Source resumes on job portals.

Job portals offer you several means of sourcing experienced and skilled talents for your organization. So be careful when selecting your criteria. Most importantly, you should be clear about what you are looking for because you will receive CVs from candidates, recruiters, and referrals accordingly. Moreover, with a reliable job portal system, all suitable applications can be stored in one place, allowing you to tag, save, bookmark, and share them as and when required.

Consider using recruiting software.

Keeping track of all candidate applications and job postings manually using emails and spreadsheets is undoubtedly a cumbersome task. You will need to enter a lot of information about the candidates, which usually becomes overwhelming for your Human Resource team. Plus, it is prone to human errors.

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However, when using a recruiting software solution, you will be able to keep track of candidates and applications in a matter of seconds. You will be able to post specific jobs like admin jobs in Sydney or Engineering jobs to multiple job portals with a single click. Hence, it will help you increase the visibility of your ads and get your hands to the most eligible applicants.

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