How to Make Corporate Gift Hamper Giving Add Up

To be appreciated for everything that you do means so much. Whether the gift hampers are for employee promotion and recognition, sales incentives, or gifts for the holidays or to the clients themselves, these tokens of gratitude are greatly appreciated in the corporate world.

Sending out corporate gift hampers to your most trusted employees for all their hard work and dedication is an excellent way to show this.

Worried that you’ll send the wrong type of basket and are willing to go beyond the water-cellophane gift package cliché? Here are some tips to ensure an impactful corporate gift-giving:

Express Sincerity

More often than not, corporate gifts are given to boost the morale within your company, and corporate gift hampers are used to express congratulations on your employees’ successes and even in their milestones.

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Realising that their company knows them well enough to celebrate their birthdays, promotions, marriage, or even the birth of their child will surely earn their loyalty even more.

Furthermore, nothing may be as authentic as dedicating a package together with a correctly themed gift wrap and personalised greeting for them. Sometimes it would be in the minor details that would solidify a person’s trust and faith in you and your business.

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Show Elegance

The other purpose of sending out gift baskets is to make sure that the people will remember your brand. It would come as no surprise how tempting it is to stick your company name or logo all over the corporate hampers.

Moreover, this might do the opposite and throw people off. The most memorable gifts or advertisements have exciting small, subtle yet unforgettable details. So when your hamper experts offer personalised options like branded ribbons or swing tags, be sure to be delicate but ingenious with your company’s logo, your personalised greeting, or your company’s message.


With the world still under the pandemic and climate change crisis, your gifts must be viable. Health-conscious employees and companies as a whole will surely appreciate healthy food and fruit baskets wrapped in biodegradable packaging. Avoiding single-use products and non-biodegradable wrappings is another way to help the environment.


The products you choose to give out must be helpful and robust enough to last through time. Certain gift service providers aim to reduce their waste and leave the least ecological footprint possible. Supporting their cause will indeed not hurt and would even help Mother Earth.


The quality and quantity of your gift hampers should be consistent throughout the year. Office-share hampers for a team win or weekly appreciation on the schedule shows constant gratitude.

With more individuals working in the comfort and safety of their homes today, it is essential that giving out gift packages must not stop and are even more appreciated nowadays.

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Working on your own with no one to chat with every once in a while can be lonesome. Thus, getting a gift now and then can be a great reminder that they’re not alone and their well-being is the priority of your company.

Corporate gift-giving has almost become a necessity in the business environment today. Making this act count ensures an excellent company culture, engaged employees, and strong personal connections. So make sure to do it right.

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