How To Score Good Marks In The English In TNPSC Group 4 Examination

Every year, millions of candidates apply for the TNPSC Group 4 examination. To appear for the examination, first complete the application process through the online process. Once the TNPSC group 4 apply online process is completed, they start the preparation. It is not only about first time candidates appearing for the examination, but many of them are appearing for the 2nd time as well.

However, one common problem that many candidates suffer from is the language. Although candidates are comfortable in the Pothu Tamil language, the English section is a nightmare for a few.  So, we brought an effective guide that helped TNPSC group 4 candidates score 100/100 in English.

4 Tips for Scoring Full Marks In TNPSC Group 4 English

According to the examination pattern, there are 100 questions in the English section, and the minimum qualifying mark is 95. Thus, it is better to follow these given tips and secure good chances of clearing the examination.

1. English sample papers

First, sample papers are the best and easiest means to acquire knowledge in the English section. There are several printed versions, and digital sample papers are available in PDF format. These sample papers contain grammar questions, comprehension and cloze test questions of different complexity levels.

As a result, candidates, once they solve different types of questions, they get well-versed with them. Also, they easily manage tough questions asked in the examination. Candidates are recommended to practice a minimum of 10-15 sample papers for the English section, excluding the preparation from notes and other study material. The more they learn, the more score they will earn in the examination. 

2. Novels and periodicals are also good

It is not only about the limited study material. If candidates have periodicals or novels at home, they must refer to them too as well. It is because these resources contain new words that many of us are unaware of. Give 1 hour daily to novels and periodicals, find out the new word and make a notebook that has the list of new words and their meaning.

 Novels and periodicals have a higher standard of English that will enhance your linguistic skills. Not just for the written examination, but in future, it will build your communication skill as well. Remember, there is no need to purchase very expensive books to meet language excellence. We all have had novels since our school days; referring to them is enough.

3. Appear for online test

Although there is no mention of online tests in TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus, to evaluate your proficiency, they are a must. Free online tests and affordable test series are available for students to enhance their preparation. Appear to them as much as possible and know your drawbacks or strengths and weaknesses. 

Online mock tests will give you an idea about which module or section you are lacking. Moreover, these digital tests are easy to share and download reports. So, practice them daily and track your performance. Always make sure you improve on weak points by practicing through online tests. Include them in the daily study routine.

4.Work on vocabulary

Vocabulary is a major part of English development. Thus, candidates must focus on them and read the English content as much as possible. If candidates are not willing to read newspapers, there are several eBooks available that enhance their language skills. It helps in building the knowledge of language usage.

Spelling mistakes and punctuation errors are few problems that many candidates suffer due to which they lose precious marks in the English section. However, vocabulary building is the one-stop solution for all language problems and scoring more marks. And website provide by world most popular entertainment music health lifestyle and much more information here.

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