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In Dubai, how do you rent an apartment?

An expat in Dubai may easily become a resident of the United Arab Emirates by following a few simple procedures, however the key questions are:

What is the best way to locate a rental apartment?

What are the best methods for locating low-cost housing? Renting an apartment in Dubai isn’t cheap.

Renting an inexpensive studio or furnished apartment may be on your list of priorities.

Finding a place to live

Starting your search for an apartment to rent long-term or short-term online via rent an apartment websites is the first step.

Rent an apartment websites like dubizzle, propertyfinder.ae, JustProperty.com, bayut, and even certain Facebook groups may be used to search for available apartments.

Most of these sites allow you to narrow down your search results according on your preferences, such as the number of bedrooms, the neighbourhood, whether the property is furnished or not, and so on.

Negotiate a lower rent.

The rent may be negotiable after you’ve decided to rent the unit. Negotiating on the quantity of checks is a frequent tactic for landlords and agents alike. For example, if you pay with fewer cheques, the landlord may agree to cut the overall rent. If you are searching for apartment for rent in dubai, please visit our website.

Pay a deposit to secure the property.

Rental agents and landlords may want a security deposit before they would hold the apartment or villa for your use. 5 percent of the rental price or one month’s rent is the typical fee.

Until the sale is completed, the agent holds the checks or cash that you provide to the landlord. A receipt for the return of your security deposit is a must. The agency will give the landlord the check if you decide to back out of the arrangement later on.

Sign the agreement.

In order to get the Tenancy Agreement, the agent will mail it to you (including any conditions agreed by both parties). It’s up to you to go through it and see if any adjustments are needed. As an example, if you want the property repainted, make sure you explicitly indicate that you want it done.

Dubai’s tenancy laws and regulations must be adhered to in the contract.

Sign and submit the contract, together with the rent checks and the agency commission, after you’re satisfied. It’s imperative that you get all of your bills.

Afterwards, the agent will get the signature of the landlord and deliver the checks to them (sign an acknowledgement receipt).

When you sign the contract, you receive a copy for yourself, and the landlord maintains a copy.

Additional keys and access cards are included with the rental. Sign a handover document that clearly states how many keys, access cards, parking spaces, etc. you’ll get (e.g. ‘x’).

Connecting DEWA

The next step is to link DEWA to your new flat, which you may do by creating a DEWA account. The Dubai Electricity & Waster Authority (DEWA) will ask for certain paperwork and a refundable payment as part of the setup expenses.

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