Know the right ways to conceptualize and design coffee signs for your commercial establishment or home 

In any business, your logo or sign reflects your company’s message or style. It provides the main information to potential customers, helping them know what you can offer. They can recognize you from a distance through the sign/logo. The same applies to a coffee shop, where coffee signs can play a clinical role in drawing potential customers and sustaining their interest too.

It’s a foregone conclusion that your sign needs to produce an immediate impact on the customer, ensuring repeat business and referrals.

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  • Make some rough sketches on paper on the look of your sign. It can be a picture of a steaming and fancy coffee mug, a pile of dark coffee beams, or a portrait of some mascot animal/bird.
  • Everything depends on how you want your retail store to appear and your target audience. Coffee shop signs or clipart images can help you generate some ideas on this subject.
  • Your sketch must include text, such as the shop’s name, partially beneath the main image.
  • The sketch color will have shades representing the shop’s style and message. These could be browns and greens, soothing blues, or red and orange pops over a yellow background.

Hand-painting the rustic signs

The materials to make your coffee signs for your kitchen cabinet are paint, blank wood, painter’s tape, marker or pen, brushes, scissors, chalk, and printed designs.

  • Step 1 is to print the design for the sign. Choose a serif font to write the word Coffee. If it’s a huge sign, you can print a few letters/texts at a time.
  • It’s important to cut off the excess paper for centering the text on the coffee sign.
  • Step 2 is to color the template’s back with chalk. Flip over the printed template and color it over.
  • Step 3 is to position the concerned template. Put the template in the middle of the sign before taping it down.
  • Step 4 is about tracing the letters. Use a capped sharpie to trace each letter and its outline. You can also use a capped pen to do the needful. After finishing, peel off the tape and paper. You will find that an attractive chalk outline of the sign will appear on the surface.
  • Step 5 is about painting the letters with a fine paintbrush. Use gentle strokes.

The farmhouse style

To make the best coffee signs for the kitchen, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. Get some scrap wood to begin with.

Some goof resources are the local hardware store, pallets from grocery stores, home improvement stores, construction sites, friend’s or neighbor’s pile of scrap wood, or from dumpsters, which you can find behind woodworking outlets.

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Make sure you’re handling the word with proper gloves because there could be nails inside it. Always keep some sandpaper with you if it’s a little rough wood and you need to smoothen the surface.

The main supplies to make your DIY coffee bar sign are acrylic paint, adhesive vinyl, silhouette cameo, mod podge, clear acrylic sealer, and a dedicated transfer tape.

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