New Jeans From Californian Denim Brand Boyish Jeans

If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, you’ve probably heard about Californian brand Boyish Jeans. With their Mikey Jean and Authentic Rigid denim, they’re the perfect place to start. But what sets them apart is their technology, which is powered by Candiani. It doesn’t stop there. They also offer post-purchase service through seamless technology. This Californian denim brand is poised to sustainably expand for years to come. Visit twenty montreal to read about new brands

Mikey Jean

A partnership between sustainable denim innovators Candiani Denim and Californian denim brand Boyish Jeans has led to a new collection of jeans. Designed with an eye toward sustainability, the Mikey Jean is a high-waisted, wide-leg style that boasts a raw ankle hem. A key feature of this new collection is its recycled cotton content, which is up to 80% recyclable.

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Founded by Jordan Nodarse, Boyish makes denim for both men and women. It uses one-third less water than traditional denim and contains BCI certified cotton. The brand works with factories that recycle cutting and packaging waste, as well as uses recycled materials for labeling and hangtags. As a result, BOYISH jeans are crafted sustainably, without sacrificing quality or fit. For more information visit this site: superratmachine

Authentic Rigid denim

Known for its retro and vintage-inspired jeans, Boyish makes a sustainable denim line by using non-toxic dyes and a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. Its Authentic Rigid denim is made from organic cotton and TencelLyocell, which contain only two percent or less petroleum fibers. The Tommy jean, a high-wasted, straight-leg jean, includes GRS-certified recycled cotton and REFIBRA(tm) Technology.

This brand’s goal is to create the most comfortable and sustainable jeans possible. This means that the company uses eco-friendly fabrics, pays living wages to its workers, and uses environmentally-friendly processes to make its jeans. In addition to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, Boyish uses only a third of the water used in traditional jeans manufacturing. The company also focuses on the fit, quality, and authenticity of denim when producing its jeans.

Comfort Stretch denim

Comfort stretch jeans are a great way to keep your jeans looking brand new. Comfort stretch jeans are a great option for those who want to look great while being environmentally friendly. The Boyish brand uses sustainable fabrics and an eco-friendly production process to create their jeans. Visit Cynthia Rowley link to Choose comfortable clothes . You’ll be glad you made the decision to purchase a pair of these jeans. The brand also uses certified organic cotton, which is a sustainable choice.

The Mikey jean is a high-rise comfort stretch wide-leg jean with a raw hem. Made from OCS Certified Organic Cotton and TencelLyocell, this jean features an eco-wash that’s both soft and durable. Several different fabric blends are used, including Tencel(tm) Lyocell and Roica recycled elastane. These jeans are made with recycled cotton to reduce their carbon footprint and water usage.

Canadian denim technology

Known for its ethical practices, Californian brand Boyish Jeans has partnered with Candiani to launch a new line of denim. Using Candiani’s compostable stretch denim, the company created the Mickey Jean, a high-rise, wide leg jean with raw ankle hem. The ‘Mikey Jean’ stays true to the brand’s signature vintage silhouette.

Candiani is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact, starting with its production process. By eliminating plastics and chemicals, Candiani has cut its water and energy use by seventy-five percent. They even recycle waste cotton fibers and use them for their recycled denim line. Using these techniques, the Italian denim mills can create a pair of jeans using only five to eight gallons of water.

Sustainable materials

When making its jeans, Boyish prioritizes sustainable materials. This includes using a certified OEKO-Tex Standard 100 textile. They work with factories and fabric mills that are part of the ZDHC Program, which promotes water safety and keeps harsh chemicals out of water streams. For example, their jeans are made from re-used cotton, which does not require water to recycle. Using these recycled materials can reduce energy costs, as they use less water than conventional denim does.


When making their jeans, Boyish Jeans use one-third the water that conventional denim requires and recycle 100% of the water used. They also use a highly sustainable process for dyeing. Instead of using excessive “dips” in indigo, they use a reduced version from Dystar. Additionally, they use 80 percent less caustic soda and fewer sulphates. These environmentally friendly measures enable Boyish to meet their sustainability goals and to continue to produce more sizes for customers.

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