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Sanitary Bins: A Step Towards a Better World

Menstruation is the root of the entire existing world. Today’s life results from the reproductive system in which menstruation is part and parcel. For a female, menstrual sanitation is essential to get through adolescence without contracting diseases, urinary tract infections, microbial infections etc., in reproductive organs. Sanitary pads and napkins, tampons, clothes and kids’ diapers are being used worldwide for a comfortable routine for women and kids. These sanitary products are being burned, dumped and flushed to get disposed of from the environment. But sanitary bins are easier to use and a better way to dispose of them.

What Are They?

In simpler words, a sanitary bin is a disposal bin used to dispose of sanitary waste that includes feminine menstrual waste such as sanitary pads, clothes, tampons and kids’ waste stuff like diapers and nasal secretions. They open by a no-touch mechanism like a foot pedal system in common.

How Are They Manufactured?

These bins are manufactured in various materials, such as plastics with different grades, metals, etc. But polypropylene and stainless steel bins are two comparatively better materials due to their resistivity toward harmful bacteria. They can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Among all the different types of feminine hygiene disposal bins, the ones that work by sensors and foot pedal structures are considered the best to use.

Why Are They Needed?

Over time, the evolution of women’s education and women’s empowerment has been drastic compared to the past centuries. But it has not been appreciable when it comes to the disposal of feminine waste, especially during their menstrual cycle.

A substantial population of women in rural areas are still unaware of the various menstrual waste management and the disposal of their sanitary pads, clothes, tampons, etc.

People are slowly getting to understand the consequences of bacterial infections affecting women, which are caused due to the lack of sanitary hygiene. A considerable percentage of the women’s population is impacted by urinary tract infections and menstrual struggles due to the lack of knowledge in sanitary disposal techniques.

Feminine hygiene disposal bins are needed to wipe off the expenses caused due to the flushing of Sanitary napkins in the toilets. They are required to create comfortable disposable pads and napkins for women in houses, workplaces, public places etc.

Where Are They Used?

Currently, many places are working towards creating a healthy neighbourhood. Nowadays, offices, malls, theatres, public toilets, schools and many more places are regularly maintaining feminine hygiene disposal bins in good condition. On a broad scale, many countries, such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates etc., are making it compulsory to maintain sanitary bins almost everywhere.

How to Maintain Them

Feminine hygiene disposal bins carry some antibacterial liners and sanitisers, which lose resistance when serviced for more than six weeks. Experts advise servicing these bins at least once every month to avoid more harmful bacterial infections.

Where Are They Needed?

There are a lot of rural places out there which are occupied by people still unaware of sanitary pads and napkins. Women use a cloth to manage their menstrual cycle even today. It becomes a need rather than a want to create awareness for people with such mentalities. Sanitary pads, napkins and bins must be implemented in such areas to make the world a better place for women to live.

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