Subtle red flags of an abusive relationship

It is not always so easy to tell if you are in an abusive relationship. Some people, like psychopaths, are extremely proficient and subtle in their abuse, and even the victim is unable to recognize their partner’s true intent.

Not only are the abusers able to dupe their partner, but they also often make their friends and family think otherwise as well.

Emotional abuse is just as dangerous as physical abuse and comes under the ambit of domestic violence in most spheres. While most people are able to call out on the more out-there signs of emotional abuse, it is most dangerous when it is sneaky, and therefore catches people unaware.

It is hence imperative to watch out for the subtle tell-tale signs of abuse, so that you are able to escape it, or help others get out of the violent relationship. Victims may then also require psychological help from experts they can consult via

Subtle red flags of abuse

Anyone can become a victim to emotional abuse, but a more important thing is recognizing it and getting out of the relationship. Some red flags that if you see, you need to run for the door:

They don’t leave you

On the surface, it may look as if your partner is doting on you when they insist on going with you everywhere, however, this is their trick to make sure that you are always in their control.

They do not want you to have a moment with your friend and family that might make you aware of the abuse. Moreover, they want to monitor each of your movements.

Most make it impossible for the partner to leave the house without them. This increases the dependence on the abuser, and also serves to isolate them. They might try to shroud this in their love, or even, jealousy, which is supposed to be flattering.

Destroy you in the name of love

A sneaky way to completely break their victim, chip away at their self-esteem, and erode at their self-worth is by attacking their victim, in the name of love.

They use snide comments and harsh remarks to hurt their victim and belittle them. They also make their victim feel worthless.

Moreover, they also use gifts to their advantage. After an episode of emotional assault, they profusely show their love in form of compliments, affection, and gifts.

This manipulation tactic makes it harder for the victim to identify and understand the abuse. It also makes it harder for the victim to walk away; they use these moments of love to show how nice of a partner they are.

Gaslighting tactics

Gaslighting is also a form of emotional abuse. The entire purpose of this exercise is to make the victim doubt their version of reality, so they end up feeling as if they have gone crazy. It serves to not only torture the victim, but also make them isolated, so they are reliant only on the abuser.

Other signs of gaslighter include frequent lying. They also fabricate things; they mislead the victim. On the outside, they may make it look as if they are very doting, but at the same time, abuse their partner. The victim starts to feel afraid, insecure, powerless, and isolated.


Often, the victim tries anything to pacify the abuser, such is their hold on them. The abuser makes their victim so afraid of them, and dependent on them, that they seek to appease and lift their abuser in any situation.

Get immediate help

Emotional abuse is just as potent and destructive as physical abuse. No one deserves to be treated in such a way. If you see these red flags or even one flag, get out of the relationship. Heal your mental health by visiting the Best Psychologist in Karachi so that you don’t remain vulnerable.

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