The Best Bug Out Backpack For Your Safety

You can find a lot of different backpacks in your local market. With thousands of options available, how would you know which one is the best choice to be your bug-out bag?

You will find it more challenging to choose the best and the most suitable backpack for your bug-out bag than choosing and picking for the supplies that you will be putting inside. But, it will be a lot easier for you to choose which of them will be the best option if you take to consider the most important things in choosing your emergency bag.

The Best Bug Out Backpack For You 

Most of the bug-out bags were made personalized according to the owner’s preference. You can pre-pack your emergency bags depending on your particular needs. But do not forget to include the following factors in choosing the best bug-out backpack for you.

Your bag-out backpacks are something that must be accessible, light, and must be made to fit your needs specifically. The best bug out bag that you can have are bags that are similar to military bags. Technical bags offer comfort and blending while tactical bags offer durability and personalization.

Things You Need to Consider

Backpack’s quality. You should look for high-quality backpacks rather than the cheaper ones. Your backpack must be made of strong materials and must be durable. The best backpack must be something that offers comfort and fit. It must be breathable and waterproof to protect your emergency supplies from the rain and snow.

Backpack’s size. Measure your body from your neck up to your hip bone in determining the best bug-out bag size that is appropriate to the size of your body. Your bag out bag’s weight depends on how much weight you can carry. If you are smaller, lighter weight is recommended.

Backpack’s physical appearance. The usual colors of bag-out bags were black, brown, or dark green for concealment purposes. Bright colors may attract attention and in the middle of emergencies, people might behave oddly and will do anything to survive even stealing something from other people.

Backpack’s features. The best bag out backpack to choose is something that offers more space and compartments. If the bag has more compartments such as pockets and zippers, the more you will be able to organize the things you will put inside.

Features To Look For 

1. Hydration Tube

2.  Compression Straps

3. Top Lid Protection

4. Water Bottle and Hip Belt Pockets

5. Padded Back and Shoulder Straps

6. Sleeping Bag Compartments

7. MOLLE System- Modular-Light Weight-Load Carrying Equipment

Important Tip 

You can find pre-packed and ready-to-carry bug-out bags and bug-out backpacks here, already filled with the essential emergency supplies that your bags must contain for you to survive any disasters and calamities that might strike anytime.

If you do not have the capability of buying new and mostly expensive backpacks, try the other way around. Try to find local thrift shops in your area that offer second-hand backpacks but with the same quality that you are looking for. Be prepared and stay safe.

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