The global magic of Make-A-Wish International

Make-A-Wish International is active in nearly 50 countries in 5 continents. Each day, a family receives news that their child is critically ill. From this moment forward, their childhood will be changed forever. Make-A-Wish International believes that granting wishes can have a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of a child. Read more about the global magic of Make-A-Wish International and how you can help.

Why Make-A-Wish International grants wishes

Every 20 minutes a child somewhere in the world receives the devastating diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. These children and their loved ones are being thrown in a whirlwind of medical appointments, scans, tests, and insecure times.

Make-A-Wish International believes in the healing power a granted wish can have. During a wish journey, a child and their family experiences so much joy and happiness that they forget their everyday troubles for a while.

They get to live through moments of joy and excitement that they have to miss out on during their daily life.

The impact of a wish

Research has shown that a granted wish can have a positive influence on the healing process.

Above all, it shows a child living with a critical illness that truly anything is possible. Make-A-Wish International creates a wish journey where the focus lies fully on the child. Doors open that normally would stay closed. Rent a swimming pool? Done. Fly in a helicopter? No problem.

During the wish journey, not only the child, but the entire family gets to create precious memories that will last forever. Having their wish granted, can build up strength and confidence in a child, which they might need later in more difficult times.

Give hope and donate to Make-A-Wish International

A wish journey is always unique, and customized to each child. As each child has their own sparkle and personality, it is important that every wish is unique. The focus is on the child throughout the entire wish journey.

But putting together a wish journey takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Make-A-Wish International opens up doors that usually would have been closed. We believe in showing the children that the seemingly impossible, is indeed possible.

We continue to fulfill wishes everyday in nearly 50 countries. Make-A-Wish is able to do this because of the hard work and determination of over a thousand volunteers. Thanks to our corporate sponsors, donors and local partners, we are able to grant as many wishes as we can. Read more about the wish impact (worldwish). Your support is indispensable to children living with a critical illness and their loved ones. Donate today, and give hope.

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