The procedure of dental implants and recovery

A dental implant is performed to insert artificial tooth roots. These implants bond with the jawbone which allows the surgeon or dentist Medford to replace the natural tooth with crowns.

Artificial teeth placed at missing places are known as crowns. The dental implant is considered when the natural tooth is missing for some reason. The reason can be natural or accidental. This implantation makes the patient feel and looks just like natural teeth. 

Dental Implant Procedure

The implant used for replacement is made up of titanium and other materials. This all fuses with the jawbone and imitates the roots of teeth. The dental implant is an outpatient surgery. The artificial root which is created by surgeons allows the replacement of teeth. Hence, they feel stable and blend up with surrounding teeth. Dental implants Medford or any dental treatment is not a very small process. It requires a lot of appointments, including consultations.

In the first phase, your mouth will be numbed with local anesthesia, this way you will not feel any pain. An incision is made in your gums at the place of the missing tooth to place the tooth root implant. Once it is placed, it is closed with gums. You will be called for the second phase after months.

Meanwhile, the bone will grow around the implant, making it strong to stay in place. Here, titanium is getting combined with bone and it is called osseointegration. Now, an abutment is placed over the implant. This is the place where new teeth will be held. After complete healing of the gums, the dentist will make impressions of the tooth and create a replacement which is also known as the crown. Crown is attached to abutment as a final step.

However, not everyone is eligible for dental implants. As we have already discussed, it is a long process. Gums and roots need to respond properly and recover before every appointment. Hence, you need to be clinically fit for such procedures. Below are the contraindications.

  • Kids

With kids, we mean children who are yet to outgrow their natural jaw. The development of gums and jaws needs to be proper before any dental implants. We at Medford always suggest natural recovery and growth which avoid any surgery or teeth implants Medford, especially when it comes to children. 

  • Diabetic

Patients with chronic disorders, like diabetes or leukemia, tend to recover a little later than a fit person. As we have already discussed, dental implants require speedy recovery for procedures to be followed. Chances of recovery are comparatively less in diabetic people. Hence physicians at Medford or dental implant specialists Medford avoid procedures on people having medical history.

  • Smoker

Smoking at regular intervals directly hampers the speed of your recovery. If you are a regular smoker, there are a lot of chances that your physician will not suggest you any dental treatment. You need to disclose your medical history and your regular habits to the doctor. This way you will get the appropriate medication. Medford strongly believes in transparency and confidentiality for a smooth and convenient procedure.

After discussing the procedure, we need to understand how recovery will take place.

Because of IV sedation, you might feel groggy for several hours. You need to make sure that someone can drive you home after the procedure. Because of the medicinal impact, you might get blurry vision which might result in an accident. After the implant, there are chances that you experience some swelling, pain, bruising, or a little bleeding. Food intake should be according to the suggestion of the doctor. You’ll be suggested to eat cold, soft food items. These kinds of dishes will help you recover from the after-effects a lot earlier. You might be suggested some medicines, which you can take as per the requirement and pain.

Medford always suggests taking expert advice before jumping to any conclusion. Get yourself checked and get to know the best possible decision for you as per your medical history.

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