The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Installation

It’s summertime– The sun is blazing hot, and no matter what temperature you set the air conditioner, it doesn’t seem to work. That’s when you wish you had a pool in your backyard. This idea sounds great, but you don’t know anything about swimming pool installation. Fret not! All you have to do is follow the suggestions listed below, as this article provides step-by-step guidelines to help you get started and put your mind at ease.

Finding Your Purpose for the Pool

You need to first ask yourself why you need the pool. For example, you might want this to drain out your kids and give them something to do during summers or to improve the aesthetic value of your house. Or, you might want to put in a few laps every morning. Whatever the reason, you need to figure this out before going ahead with the swimming pool installation.

Respecting Guidelines and Restrictions

You just can’t build an infinity pool with a 30-metre water slide just because you want to. Some community guidelines are very rigid, and something you might have in mind may not be legal. You don’t want to build a dream pool just to get in trouble with the authorities for building it.

Setting a Budget

You must decide the budget as per your means and limitations. Every person has a different ceiling in terms of the money they are willing to spend; based on that, different options open up.


Plans, in general, rarely work out as intended. When building a pool, you must always plan a few months ahead — especially when you need it for an occasion or a season. So, start preparations a few weeks early.


The amount of space available decides your options regarding the types of pools, shapes and accessories. You can’t dream about lapping in your Olympic-sized pool when you have a 7 x 5 rectangle area. The exact size and position must be considered when deciding how the pool comes out.


Once you’ve sorted the variables mentioned above, you can finalise the pool’s design. Many options are available, depending mostly on the area available. Thanks to advances in architectural technology and engineering, having beautiful-looking pools is possible even if you’re short on square metres.


Now here’s the part that breathes life into your pool– The colour. Bear in mind that the colour of the pool will look different without water from when it’s filled with water. The composition of the water that goes into the pool alters the look. Be it the colour of ‘Island Sand’ or ‘Aurora’ blue; there are multiple colour options, each better than the last one.


Some accessories are mandatory to own when building a pool, and others are must-haves. While pool covers, filters, pumps, cleaners and sanitisation systems could be mandatory products and services, items like lighting and heating solutions are must-haves. These services have solar energy options, so you won’t have to spend a dime on their usage.


Safety becomes a crucial parameter when children or pets are involved. For starters, it is better if all the materials used in and around the pool have a good slip factor and are made of anti-slip membranes. Fencing is another parameter that will prevent children and pets from falling into the pools whether you are around or not.


With these suggestions, installing a pool might seem a lot more daunting. But nothing could be better than seeking professional services catered to your needs and requirements. These guys have the expertise and could help you by taking your mind off this project and coming up with a marvellous swimming pool you’d fall in love with.

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