Tips to tackle your next exam

NCERT solutions are the best platform for the students to practise and revise when the exam dates are closer. The solutions are provided as per the exam pattern which helps the students to have an idea of the questions in the exam and the marking systems for each question

The syllabus is well prepared by experienced teachers so the students need not worry about any kind of confusion or misguidance.

Tips to tackle your next exam

When you have faced your first exam the fear would have vanished. Especially if you would have studied thoroughly and followed all the tips then it’s sure that you would have done the exam well. Now it’s time for the next exam.

There are always some time gaps between the exams. Students have to make use of time in an effective way. This does not mean that you keep on studying and are glued to the books. During the exam, you should be more relaxed and revise the portions without any stress.

Don’t negatively think about anything or wonder if the next exam would be easier or not or any kinds of questions that might arise in you. Just keep away from anything negative coming into your mind and think of all your efforts and practise and be confident.

Preparing yourself for the next exam

Once you are back home just don’t think about your exam or the question paper. If the preparation is good there is nothing to worry about. Just relax with your favourite music or eat something which you like but not junk food. You can think about the next exam after proper rest and a nap.

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Taking proper rest

The start of the boards does not mean that you should be restless or keep brushing up on the subjects of the next exam every time. Too much revision and reviewing also create confusion. Have a proper lunch and take a rest for a while without thinking about the exam.

Make a timetable

Now it’s not at all a hassle as you don’t have to think of all the subjects. You just think about the subject for the next exam. You don’t have to struggle too much. You just need to glance at the topics and review the notes.

You need not read all chapters again. Just a quick revision. You can do this easily with the NCERT solutions. You can practice on the revision papers. and the MCQ’s. There is nothing to learn as all this has already been done. Now it’s time to know your progress. Treat the day before exams as a normal day. 


The notes which you would have prepared while studying will be very handy during the exams. You can go through what you have written. The problems or the meaning you were stuck with or the formulas and the complex terms which you had written can be reviewed.

Duration of studies

Don’t go for a long duration of studies for your next exam. You can just make two sessions of half an hour each. This will keep your mind and body relaxed and ready for the next exam.

Solving the sample papers

You would have solved many sample papers while preparing for the board. Now you don’t have to sit and solve again but just go through the papers that you had written and also the corrected version. This will help you to avoid the same mistakes in your exam.

Working out something new

When you would have gone for your first exam you would have met and discussed lots of things with your friends. They would have told you the way they had made their preparation and different strategies. You might get tempted to adopt something new. But don’t think of trying out anything new. This will be a waste of time.

Remember that the changes cannot give you results in one day. Stick on to the way you had planned.

Discussing the answers after the exam

It’s a very common habit with everyone once you are out of the examination room to discuss the question paper or the answers written. One should avoid all these. This will create confusion and give a doubt in the mind that if the answer you have written is right or wrong, the maths problem or theorem is proved properly or not and many more such questions will arise. This will affect your next exam also.

Tips for the next exam subject wise


If your next exam is Maths then you don’t have to work out all the problems. You can just review what you have worked out. You can choose one or two from each chapter and can just work out to make sure that you remember what you have studied so far.

The same can be done for the sample question papers. You don’t have to do the whole paper but you can choose some problems and can work out for practise.


If your upcoming exam is science, distribute the number of days you have between the three subjects. Taking each subject for example Physics. Revise the problems and the formulas. There are diagrams as well. You can just practise by making a rough sketch just to see if you remember.

Chemistry Revise the chemical formulas and the balancing of equations. Review the answers from the exercises. You can just take one or two equations and do it. This will just brush up on your memories.

Biology has more diagrams and complex terms. Revise the terminologies and go through the diagrams which you had practised. Check on the labelled parts. Review the sample papers and MCQs 

English or Hindi

If your next exam is English or Hindi. Don’t read the chapters again. . You can just review the summary or glance over the sample papers which you have answered. The grammar section can be reviewed or if you have two or three days time you can give one day for prose and poetry and the next day for grammar. Read More About: bolly4u

Social Science

If the next exam is social Science, review all the dates and events. Revising MCQ’s will be helpful. Glance on the answers and the sample question papers.

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Remember that there are no new things to be learnt. It is just a revision of what you had already prepared.


Once you have attended the first exam the next exam would be very relaxed as you would have come out of the exam fear. Revision and just revision is what to be done for your next exam without any stress and also the reviewing should not be for a long time. Following the above will surely be beneficial and more relaxed and fruitful for your next exam. Good Luck!

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