Top 10 Motivational Books For Teachers: Get Inspired To Ace Your Role!

It is very important for the teachers to stay motivated throughout the entire class tenure. Teachers take back-to-back online classes for hours via the classroom app. So it is not unusual for them to get a little disinterested in continuing with their work. At such moments, they need a little dose of motivation that will boost their energy in moving ahead with their work and ace their role as online teachers. And, what better way to draw motivation than to read some inspiring books that have been written exclusively for the teachers? Sounds interesting, right? Well, so let’s look at the ten best motivation books that will revive the energy of the educators in giving their best to the classes at the time of mentoring via the education app.

10 Best Motivational Books For Teachers

#1: The Curious Classroom: 10 Structures For Teaching With Students Directed

Not finding enough motivation and the right approach to teaching students of elementary classes? Don’t worry! This book by Harvey Daniels comes with inspiring techniques to imbibe the queries of the students while teaching online. You will get some visually enticing graphics and encounter specific practical models that will spark in you the enthusiasm to trigger student-led inquiry in the virtual classroom.

#2: Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire: The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56

This book by Rafe Esquith is a must-have for all the teachers who wish to leave a mark in the hearts of groups of students. The doubts or confusions you had regarding the profession of teaching will be solved once you go through this book. Many newbie educators find it challenging to address a large number of students in a class at a time. This book will help the teachers to develop respect, passion, and interest in learning among the students.

#3: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Written by Daniel. H. Pink, this fantastic book is sure to instill positivity and inspiration into the mind of anyone who is struggling to stay motivated. Often, teachers feel intimidated by all the academic burden and the regular pressure of handling the online classes effectively. At such grave moments, if they read this book by Daniel, they are sure to get revitalized and perform better in fulfilling the responsibilities of their profession. So, as a teacher, if you read this book, you are sure to get strengthened and work towards helping your students.

#4: Make It Stick: The Science Of Successful Learning

Penned down by Peter C. Brown, this is a fantastic book for teachers. The book contains several strategies and ideas to address varied learning approaches and club them into one so that the students can experience the benefits of all these learning styles. If you are distressed about not being able to get a concrete idea of learning styles, this book will help you gain insights into specific teaching techniques.

#5: Cultivating Mindfulness In The Classroom

This book by Jeanie M. Iberline is a great one to motivate you to develop an empathetic and compassionate classroom culture. Several practices based on mindfulness are listed here, and you will get a complete idea of how you can create a customized learning style for the students. Get inspired to fulfill your responsibilities and make your students understand the benefits of mindfulness with the aid of this book.

Final Words…

All days might not be the same, and you may feel a bit low on some days and lack the motivation to ace your role ideally. But, do you know what? There is nothing to feel guilty about because taking continuous classes via the classroom apps is really an arduous task. On such days, step out of your cocoon of demotivation by picking any of the books that we suggested above and start reading to muster that interest in your profession once again. Arm yourself with effective teaching strategies from these books, and you will once again be right there- teaching your students with zeal and enthusiasm.

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