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Top 4 Advantages of Building Pergola for Your Outdoor Living Space

Improving the beauty of the outdoor space is one of the best dreams for many homeowners. Do you want to improve the aesthetic beauty of your backyard? Do you need an area where you can relax comfortably? If so, one of the greatest solutions for your backyard is to build the pergola. Pergolas are crafted using various materials such as metal, vinyl, and cedar.

However, many people cannot differentiate between pergolas and arbors. Even though they are much similar, arbors are small and much simpler structures. On the other hand, high-quality pergolas are flat, large, and open structures. Pergolas are designed in such a way that they can be attached to buildings.

You can purchase high-quality pergolas as per relevancy. However, if you need personalized design, consider hiring the best contractor who will build your customized pergola. Here are the top 4 advantages of pergolas for your backyard.

They Add Definition

One of the greatest advantages of pergolas is that they add great purpose to your buildings as well as landscapes. In short words, pergolas are capable of carving out a specific space in your backyard that can be used for various outdoor activities such as lounging, entertainment, dining, and other sorts of activities. The effectiveness of pergolas will be increased if no deck or patio is being connected with your building. When you install a pergola, you’ll be to redefine your outdoor living space. However, protecting the pergola with high-quality pergola covers is also important.

They Enhance Privacy

Perhaps you don’t want to attract the attention of your neighbors while enjoying or relaxing in your backyard. If you’re unable to build a privacy fence, custom-built high-quality pergolas with drapes and screens will work as your privacy fence.

Additionally, when you install pergolas strategically in your backyard, it will also cover unwanted objects from your view such as the playground equipment, the road, the house of your neighbors. Not only pergolas will enhance the beauty of your yard but also aesthetic value.

They Increase Value of Home

Another great benefit of installing a pergola in your backyard is that they increase the overall value of your home. This is a great benefit that makes pergola worth the investment.

As per various reports, having well-maintained and attractive landscaping as well as an attractive backyard can boost the resale value of the home by up to 30%. When you clean and maintain your pergola along with other furniture items in your backyard, they can enhance the impression of those who are searching for a new home. As per FSCB, affordable landscaping will also increase the value of the home.

They Offer Shade and Protection

Apart from increasing the home’s value and making the space comfortable, pergolas will also provide protection and shade. If you’ve planted climbing trees on top of your pergola, they will grow up and will provide you a good amount of shade. Even though it will take a full season for you to grow them, but once the top is covered completely, you’ll be able to stay protected from the harmful UV rays.

As people are becoming aware of the impact of UV rays on their skins, the popularity of pergola is also increasing.


These are the top 4 benefits of pergolas. Pergolas add a lot of beauty to your backyard. However, before purchasing, make sure you determine your needs and research all the factors. This will help you in the purchasing process. Supa Group is one of the leading home extension and renovation companies in Melbourne.

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