Top WooCommerce Extensions for Fostering your Online Store’s Growth 

Woo-commerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on WordPress because of its free pricing, massive extendability, and rich feature list. This plugin allows you to sell your products while giving your visitors a seamless and intuitive buying experience. 

You can customize the buying experience by utilizing WooCommerce extensions. Already WooCommerce comes with several free features, but the elements are generic. If you want a specialized store, eCommerce extensions would be like “ cutting through the noise”. 

Generally, extensions help to tailor to any platform according to your needs. 

Want to try the same?

In this article, we will tell you about the top and best WooCommerce extensions that will help to skyrocket your business growth. 

Let’s delve deeper. 

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free and open-source platform that lets you sell products in WordPress. Aside from that, it helps you to market physical and digital products with modular extensions. Most of the extensions are compatible with various themes. 

The good thing is that a good portion of the extensions are free. You can download  WooCommerce from the WordPress official plugin repository. 

What are WooCommerce extensions?

It is true that WooCommerce offers out-of-the-box functionality, but it won’t cover everything that you might need. WooCommerce extensions add extra features to your digital store. It may include new types of products like subscriptions and memberships, integrating with postal service, track shipping, and allowing you to buy through new payment gateways. Few may add only small features, while the others give WooCommerce an entire overhaul. 

Why WooCommerce Extensions?

You may want to do more with WooCommerce, which the core plugin on its own is not sufficient for. Therefore, extensions play a pivotal role in helping tailor your store to your exact needs. Additionally, there are official WooCommerce extensions that offer many additional payment integration options for free. It lets you accept Amazon pay, Google pay, credit card, and debit cards.

Best WooCommerce Extensions for your business 

A swarm of WooCommerce extensions are there to choose from. What should you choose?

You might know what kind of extension you need based on your requirements. However, if you don’t have much idea initially, no worries. We are here to help you with the best and useful extensions. 

It’s high time to get your store working the way you want it to. Let’s take a look at the following plug-ins-

    • Stripe/PayPal- These are the two renowned and free WooCommerce payment gateways. 
    • Checkout manager – WooCommerce checkout manager helps you to add checkboxes, color pickers, input forms, etc to your checkout page. You can edit or rearrange these as well. Additionally, you can rename or re-order the checkout fields within the billing section. 
    • WOOCS-currency Switcher– This extension will make it less arduous to switch between currencies. You can use it on your site via shortcode. Consequently, you can also choose how visitors can select the currency. 
  • One-page shopping- This extension makes it easy to optimize and improve user experience by compressing the store pages. If a shopper adds the item to the cart, the checkout field will automatically appear.
  • Advanced Shipping– Advanced shipping will help you to raise or lower the shipping rates based on purchase, product weight, user area, etc. Additionally, you can establish the conditions like weight, zip code, quantity, stock, and much more. You can also add shipping methods like volume-based pricing, table rate shipping, etc. as per your shipping needs. 
    • Simple auctions– This extension will let you add a comprehensive online solution for your WooCommerce store. With this extension, you can create an auction website with silent actions. 
  • Product bundles- With this extension, you can bundle products in various packages. It may lure the users to buy in bulk or upsell. To be precise, it’s a “product grouping toolkit”, which is easy to market to your customers. In turn, it makes it a snap to offer discounts and deals for purchasing new products in a bundle. 
  • Booking & appointments- This plug-in allows the users for making time-sensitive appointments and bookings in WooCommerce.  
  • Beeketing– It’s an automation software for marketing and sales. It allows you to automate conversions, tracking your customers, and keeping the users engaged for the long term. 
  • OpenPOS– This adds WooCommerce local store management including inventory management, local store management, and transaction reports. It syncs data from your online store with a physical store for easier store management, inventory tracking. 
  • Booster for WooCommerce– It’s an ultimate WooCommerce extension that adds dozens of invaluable small and large improvements. This extension covers a swarm of features including buttons, products, shopping carts, checkout process, payment gateways, shipping, invoicing, email, etc. 

Final word 

No doubt WooCommerce is a great eCommerce platform but it may not have all the features you want. However, the extensions will help you to bridge the gap. Many repositories are there to find more extensions. Moreover, experts are there to help you in this regard. You can hire them anytime. 


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