Various Research and Treatment Concluded on Cbd Oil For Dogs

For any pet owner, having an unwell dog is possibly the worse thing that can happen. It is a stressful situation and sometimes when treatments and veterinary visits don’t help, the best we can do is to try other natural remedies that may help them feel cbd better and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms.

Animals suffer from almost the majority of the sicknesses that humans suffer from and get similar symptoms too. Things such as pain, inflammation, seizures, epilepsy, anxiety, stress and depression are just a few of them. With the advancement of different forms of medication, there are many things that can help and a lot of research has been done on one such natural component – CBD (cannabidiol), the Hemp plant extract.

Going the holistic route sometimes can be the best thing for them, and there are many formats of pure CBD on the markets to help make ingesting easy for

pooches.  From capsules to oils, and tinctures and supplements. These, when mixed in their food or drinks can provide many benefits.

This healthy option has been around for humans for many years now, but now even animals can reap the positive effects. As a first-time user, if you are wondering how effective this stuff is, the best place to look is at the research done on it. Things like how much to give them, or if there are any side effects or if you’re pooch will like it, are all answered in the various studies and tests were done using Cannabidiol oils.

Various Studies and research Done on CBD for canines

A Study on Osteoarthritis

One example of a study concluded was on dogs that suffered from Osteoarthritis. Click here to read the full study. Two doses were given to the canines, one of 2mg/kg and 8mg/kg of oil. The dogs were placed in two groups, one with the compound and the other with a placebo.

The results showed a reduction of over 4 hours of symptoms such as pain and discomfort with no side effects.  There was also an increase in activity and as such when the oil was given to them twice a day in moderate doses, it led to a happier puppy suggesting that it can help with canine osteoarthritis. With the advancement of different forms of medication, there are many things that can help and a lot of research has been done on one such natural component – CBD (cannabidiol), the Hemp plant extract.

A Study on Epilepsy

Another study conducted, showed that it showed both antiepileptic and anticonvulsant properties in our furry friends. When two doses were given, of 45 and 90 mg, it showed high distribution levels throughout the dog’s body, and three out of the size that was studied showed positive results. Click here to read the full study.

A Study on Seizures

A third study conducted was to do with those that suffered from seizures. 16 canines were studied and in the majority of them, there was a decrease in over 89% of symptoms. The frequency of the seizures was reduced:

A General Study on Tolerance

There have also been generalized peer studies done on the compound, to understand the long-term impact it has on the canine’s body over a period of 28 days. The main aim was to try and understand how it interacts with their body and their ECS or Endocannabinoid System, which is present in both humans and animals.

This system on its own is a complex one but helps to regulate various activities inside of our and our pets’ bodies, as well as work hand in hand with various receptors.

The result was a well-tolerated component in hounds, as opposed to cats, and there were no adverse reactions or side effects noted. Their tolerance was higher than those of cats, which yet have to have further studies being conducted on them. Although healthy cats tolerated it well.

In Conclusion

It studies such as these, and more than instill our faith in this natural plant extract and the combination of the hundreds of other components present inside them that we yet have to explore.

The medical benefits of cannabis may not be pasted all over the libraries or the internet, but there have been various trials done on animals, including dogs and cats. Needless to say, that the difference in helping your pet get better lies in the purity of the product. When purchasing it for them, always make sure you buy one of the highest standards with no artificial additives or fillers.

The well-established and recommended suppliers will always have lab tests of their products on their website for the public eye, and their range of products will always be specific for dogs only You cannot give your bottle to your pet, regardless of how expensive theirs is. If you cannot afford it, rather leave it out till you can. The ones manufactured for humans have a lot more ingredients in them that can be harmful to animals.

There are also different strengths and types, such as the full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum and Isolates, that you should be aware of. Some of these contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and although most manufacturers are only allowed to leave less than 0.3% in their bottles and packages, it is best to find one which is completely devoid of it, as it may make a dog feel drowsy, nauseous or dizzy.

Any well-established company will work with the relevant authorities such as the regulatory authorities like the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and ensure that their offerings are of the highest standards and quality. If you are buying it online, make sure you read everything about the company and reviews left by their customers. If you are buying it in-store, also makes sure you research the product you buy.

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