Vinyl Shirt Printing

Whether you are having plain long sleeve shirt printing done for work or as a gift for friends or for family, you will have to make some choices to create your special design. First of all, you have a choice when it comes to print type, most will offer screen or vinyl, and then you also have embroidery as an option for a smaller design. There are advantages to consider for them all depending on factors like how many shirts you want, the size of the image and writing, the purpose of the order and so on. This article looks specifically at vinyl shirt printing.

What is vinyl t-shirt printing?

With vinyl printing the method involves taking the design chosen, printing it onto a sheet of vinyl and then cutting it to the right size and sticking it onto the shirt. This is different to screen printing because there the design is printed directly onto the shirt. With embroidery, it is using machine stitching to create a design in the place preferred on the shirt.

Why choose vinyl?

If you have a lower amount of blank tshirt wholesale you want printed on then vinyl printing is more cost-effective and you get a durable and quality finish. When you are creating a uniform, or buying gifts, or giving out free merchandise you want people to see quality shirts and quality printing. Whether you are giving a shirt to a friend or creating a sports team uniform for the company baseball team, vinyl works well. You can use full vibrant colours, and whatever colour the shirt is, the design will really stand out. This is not true of screen printing, where you are best to choose a light shirt for colours to look great. The colours with vinyl printing also do not fade over time, unlike some other printing methods where they fade as you wash you the garment.

Another reason to choose vinyl printing for your plain long sleeve shirt is that it is easy to position the design wherever you want it. You can place it so it covers the front or back completely, or have something in the middle, or on the chest or shoulder and so on. The choice is yours and depends on what your goal is and who the shirt is for. Not all printing methods allow such freedom in where the design goes. Once the design is placed on the shirt it is ready to use. So if you have an urgent need it is fast and wearable straight away.


When you are ordering from a print company using blank t-shirt wholesale for your printing needs, keep in mind different processes take different times to complete. Embroidery for example takes longer and paying per stitch means large orders cost a lot of money. Try to place your order at least two weeks ahead of time if not more. Set a budget and shop around but look at their quality of work too, basing your choice just on price can lead to poor designs and printing attempts.

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