What are the Things to know before starting UPSC Exam Preparation

The UPSC board organized different types of exams to select and recruit potential candidates for the different posts within the Indian Government.

This exam is among those important exams which is conducted by this UPSC board every year to properly select and recruit the potential candidates for those prestigious posts in both the groups ‘A’ and ‘B’ of the civil services. 

If you are also an aspirant of this prestigious exam, then you have to start your preparation for the exam as soon as possible with the help of the UPSC online coaching.

Candidates who wish to become successful in the civil services are advised to go through the rules and syllabus of the exam before starting the preparation. It will provide a complete and clear idea of the time table or plan they need to draft to prepare more effectively.

Here, we will discuss some special strategies and plans to start the preparation for the UPSC exam.

The things that you need to know before you start your UPSC exam preparation

1. Don’t forget to look for the notifications of UPSC

Every year the authority of the UPSC board releases specific notifications about all those important rules and details of the entire exam process. Such notifications also include the information regarding the dates and fees of the exam, schedule, and timetable, also the full syllabus, etc.

This notification is really important for those candidates who aspire to become successful in the exam with proper planning and preparation. As this will give them a clear idea about what subjects they have to cover in the remaining time.

2. Know about the commission (UPSC)

Another important thing that you should know before starting your preparation for the IAS exam is that the Union Public Service Commission (also known as UPSC) is the board of this exam procedure. This board conducts the civil services exam because; a candidate is required to come face to face with the examination board before the process of selection.

3. Know about the eligibility criteria

It is crucial to know your eligibility for the UPSC Civil Services or IAS Exam. For this, you have to know about the eligibility factors set by the board of UPSC. The aspirants need to have certain criteria set by the board to face the examination procedure.

4. Know the dates of the exam

You have to remain aware of the exam dates if you want to successfully crack the IAS exam. For this, you need to go through the announcements of the UPSC board and follow the notifications of the entire exam dates carefully. You need to know the dates like:

  • Releasing date of the exam schedule
  • Know about the starting and last date of the application procedure
  • The dates of the Prelims and Mains exams

For this, you can also get help from the UPSC online coaching.

5. Have a clear understanding of the syllabus

Knowing the proper syllabus is one of the most important factors. Knowing the entire syllabus of the exam can help you a lot in your preparation for the IAS exam. In this, the UPSC online coaching can help you a lot.

All of these above-mentioned points can help you a lot alongside your UPSC online coaching to successfully crack the UPSC exam.

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