What Are Ulcers And Symptoms Of An Ulcer?

Ulcers refer to the wounds that are present on the area of your stomach coating or small digestive tract. Usually, people get ulcers in their small digestive tracts. Such ulcers are termed duodenal ulcers. 

Ulcers that affect the area of your stomach are termed as gastric ulcers. Throat ulcers are called esophageal ulcers.

Symptoms Of An Ulcer

Common ulcer symptoms include:

  • Feeling of discomfort at the time of night
  • Facing discomfort and stomach issues when you eat or drink 
  • Stomach pain that wakes you up at night
  • Feel full fast
  • Bloating and burning sensations in your stomach
  • The discomfort lasts for minutes or hours

A severe ulcer can cause more complications, it can lead to a bleeding ulcer. It can induce the following symptoms.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting blood
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Blood in your stool or dark stools
  • Pain in your back


Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) plays a vital role in causing the symptoms of ulcers. It is a bacterial disease. Acids from the food varieties we eat can exacerbate the aggravation. 

Long utilization of ibuprofen or calming meds (ibuprofen) is additionally a typical reason for ulcers. Stress and fiery food sources can aggravate an ulcer.


Your doctor will get some information about your indications. They might do an endoscopy. This strategy includes embedding a slim, adaptable cylinder joined to a camera down your throat and into your stomach. 

To test the presence of H. pylori, the doctor examines your breath, stool, and blood. They additionally can test an example of your stomach lining. Your PCP additionally will inquire as to whether you routinely take ibuprofen or mitigating drugs.


If the cause of your ulcer is H.pylori then its prevention is not possible. But you can work with your doctor to reduce its symptoms by limiting the intake of medicines of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Do not use acidic foods. Spicy foods induce feelings of discomfort in your stomach. Avoid the intake of alcohol and caffeine.

Ulcer Treatment

Your primary care physician will give you an antitoxin medication to treat H. pylori disease. You should take it for 2 to 3 weeks. Your primary care physician likewise may recommend triple treatment. This is a mix of 2 anti-toxins and a protein siphon inhibitor (PPI). 

Your doctor may recommend drugs to diminish stomach acids. You might need to take these for as long as about two months. A few different drugs can be utilized to assist with treating ulcers. 

Two sorts of meds (H2 blockers and PPIs) diminish the measure of corrosive that your stomach makes. Over-the-counter stomach settling agent medication gives brief help. 

Smoking and liquor aggravate the distress. In serious cases, you might require a medical procedure. Ulcers seek more terribly without treatment. On the off chance that ibuprofen and mitigating medication disturb your stomach, your PCP might propose the medication, misoprostol.

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Living with an ulcer

If you have an ulcer, stay away from the things that exacerbate your ulcer. This implies keeping away from fiery food sources, liquor, and smoking. In the event that you need to take anti-inflammatory medicine or ibuprofen for constant agony, converse with your primary care physician. 

The individual might recommend another option. Keep your eating regimen adjusted. Have a go at eating little, continuous dinners when you’re having torment.

The pain of an ulcer in the stomach starts in the upper middle area of your abdomen, below your breastbone, and above the area of your belly button. The pain causes the sensations of burning that can go through your back area too.

Cranberry is proven helpful in managing the symptoms of ulcers caused by H.pylori. There is no confirmation reported about consuming specific amounts of cranberry and getting relief from the symptoms of an ulcer. 

Moreover, raw bananas also help to cure the ulcers of the stomach. The reason is that bananas contain specific compounds that have antibacterial properties. These antibacterial properties stop the growth of H.pylori that causes ulcers.

Bananas are also a good source to clear gastric juice acidity. It decreases the inflammation intensity and makes the lining of your stomach strong. Ulcers do not induce symptoms in certain cases. Burning pain is a common symptom of ulcers.

Go to visit your physician immediately if you are facing severe symptoms of ulcers. Early treatment provides you support to manage complicated diseases.

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